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Fullers Kick Off New Decade with Award Nomination

Multi-Channel Fulfilment and Logistics Specialist Shortlisted for SME Award.


Slough, UK – 8th January 2020 – Fullers Logistics provide end-to-end warehousing, fulfilment and distribution services to a range of clients across the Thames Valley and are delighted to announce that we have been a shortlisted nominee for SME of the year and will be celebrating our success at the Thames Valley Business & Community Awards.

HUNDREDS of nominations have been whittled down to a shortlist for the Thames Valley Business & Community Awards 2019. The awards scheme, organised by Great British Expos, recognises the region’s most ambitious, inspirational and exciting businesses, charities and individuals.

The SME award is for businesses that demonstrate its ability to grow and have a clear understanding of the market in which it operates in and Tony Dempsey, Managing Director at Fullers explains why the business should win the award: “Our business is one that is heavily process driven, but I firmly believe that it is in fact the people behind the process that make a significant difference for our clients. Our people work incredibly hard to provide exceptional service to each one of our clients and have built their own culture of continuous improvement, to ensure that as a business we are always going the extra mile.”

Dempsey continues, “It is important to me that our staff receive the recognition they deserve for the job that they do and the value they add to our clients, not just internally but on an external stage; and that is why I would like to nominate not simply our organisation but the people that make Fullers Logistics what it is, for the Thames Valley SME of the year award.”

Fullers Logistics’ focus for 2020 will be to expand the business and support more of the fantastic companies out there who are trying to leverage online retail channels. As a business Fullers has invested heavily in recent years to provide customers with flexible options for storing good in multi-user facilities.

The Thames Valley Business and Community Awards judging process will see a range of esteemed entrepreneurs come together to scrutinise and select the finalists from the short-listed nominees and choose the winners among them.

Alec Jones-Hall, Director of Thames Valley Business and Community Award’s said, “We are proud and excited to be celebrating outstanding achievement across the region and rewarding those who are making a huge impact throughout the Thames Valley.”

The winners from the 14 categories will be announced at the award ceremony in The Hilton, Reading, on Thursday January 30th.

You can see the shortlisted nominees for the awards here:

Choosing the right Multi-Channel and Distribution Logistics Partner and the Importance of eCommerce Integration


Outsourcing eCommerce warehousing to a multi-channel fulfilment provider has many benefits for a scaling business. Not only are these providers such as Fullers, experts on all of the necessary operational tasks such as hiring warehouse workers, maintaining equipment, paying rent, keeping track of pallets, etc.; but in most cases can complete those tasks quicker, cheaper and more efficiently than you could in your own warehouse.

How does a logistics partner provide reduced costs like the ones above?

Well, we can address storage, transport and handling needs on behalf of our clients. We then use sophisticated software to develop a warehousing management and distribution plan that will best suit the needs of each company whose products we store.

Outsourcing your logistics is a big decision and it’s important that you pick a provider that fits well with your business operations, growth plans and customer service culture. At Fullers we pride ourselves on being both a solutions provider and an advisor that you can trust. We are always thinking of creative ways to make sure that your products are brought to market faster and cheaper. This is achieved by understanding our clients present and future fulfilment needs.

55% of shippers rate 3rd party logistic providers (3PLs) on their ability to provide continuous improvement. *

It is sometimes difficult to evaluate how outsourcing your logistics can provide continuous improvement. To assist you, we’ve developed our own short list of important considerations:

  • What is the level of technological sophistication?

One reason some of our clients come to us for multi-channel fulfilment is that their current provider is taking a long time to make a process change or enable a new process in response to their request. Make sure you have a partnership with someone who is keeping pace with the rapid and ongoing changes occurring in technology and that their IT strategy and roadmap aligns with yours.

Confirm that the capabilities of your logistics partners systems can integrate with your own automation requirements such as your order routing and storefront inventory management tools, plus any accounting or CRM requirements.

  • Can your partner keep pace with your growth?

Flexibility and scalability are key to excellent multi-channel fulfilment. Your logistics partner needs to be able to handle your current requirements, as well as the requirements your business will have as it continues to grow. Ideally, you want to have a partner that can immediately take on that extra inventory. If your business plans to reach new markets, it is also necessary for them to be able to expand along with you. To meet these flexibility needs, your provider should work very closely with you to understand your planning and forecasting, and in response, deliver in terms of labour and support services.

  • Can they help you manage peak seasons?

Short term, a provider must be able to help companies manage peak seasons, such as the holiday rush for the retail sector. Clients need to be able to surge their supply chains so that they can get to market with precision and timing. Then, when the peak season is over, scale back down and not have those carrying costs in their supply chain.

  • How deep is their talent?

There is currently a shortage of supply chain and logistics talent in the industry, and it’s arguably the biggest issue facing both logistic suppliers and their clients. When speaking to our clients they value the overall breadth and depth of experience within our team. The amount of knowledge and expertise in eCommerce warehousing and transportation among this potential partner’s management team and staff can have a significant impact (positive or negative) on your business.

49% of shippers rate 3PLs on their experience in the shipper’s industry. *

  • Do they offer business intelligence and solutions beyond the basics?

This point goes beyond IT. Savvy logistic providers are introducing their eCommerce clients to related technology providers, providing insights about industry-leading practices and trends, and facilitating networking and knowledge-exchange opportunities within the community.

  • How do they stand on your needs and metrics that matter most?

Be sure to research and compare your potential logistics partner objectively against the metrics that matter most to your business. Ask evaluation questions such as:

How do they manage stock rotation parameters?

How will they handle identification of a product’s location in the event of a recall?

Are they able to show ongoing cost and process improvements?

What is their lead time to respond to changes in order volume or origin/destination and stocking levels?

You also need to confirm that they have the necessary experience and flexibility to accommodate, or at least not interrupt, your business requirements outside of your direct relationship. For example, if you anticipate fulfilling future orders through both a logistics provider and your current network of drop shippers, make sure that your new providers processes (data requirements, etc.) don’t prohibit you from doing so. It can be incredibly frustrating to find out after the fact that all your business’ integrated and automated processes need to be completely redesigned due to the unanticipated requirements of a newly contracted provider.

As your eCommerce Multi-Channel and Distribution Logistics Partner, Fullers are here for you – and your customers – at every step of the way.


Fullers Logistics has finger on the pulse for Katsouris Brothers

Fullers Logistics has finger on the pulse for Katsouris Brothers

katsouris bros news image

We are pleased to announce that we are providing fulfilment and warehousing services to Katsouris Brothers Ltd., an established supplier of food produce to the manufacturing, wholesale and retail market.

“After being let down by our previous logistics supplier, we had an urgent need to find a trusted partner that we could work with to store a wide range of pulses and grains that we import from South America and across Europe,” explains company director, Alexander Katsouris. “It became clear after launching a competitive tender process towards the end of summer, that Fullers were the best fit for our specific requirements. We carried out an initial trial with them and were really happy with the level of service provided and their attention to detail.”

20ft. containers of bagged pulses arrive at Fullers where they are unloaded and stored on pallets in a multi-user, ambient warehouse facility. “We currently hold around 300 pallets of stock for Katsouris Brothers in our new facility in Bordon, Hampshire,” comments Tony Dempsey, Divisional Managing Director at Fullers Logistics. “As we already work with a number of household names in the food production industry, we were in a unique position to offer Katsouris Brothers a flexible warehouse solution, that can be rapidly scaled up or down to meet demand, but also to provide an environment which is HACCP compliant and conforms to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).”

A quality assurance manager within the Fullers team is aligned to Katsouris Brothers to ensure that the correct processes were set up and are followed for receiving, storage and onward shipment of the pulses, minimising the risk of product contamination. “Orders of varying quantities, placed by wholesalers and manufacturers are received by Katsouris Brothers in the first instance before being passed to us via an integrated warehouse management system,” continues Dempsey. “Once orders have been picked and packed by one of our team, they are either shipped directly to the end client or despatched to Katsouris Brothers’ central operation in Wembley to arrive the next day.”

Alexander Katsouris concludes, “We are really pleased to have developed a successful partnership with Fullers Logistics for this part of our operation. Our business has always had a firm passion for quality, value for money and excellent customer service. We make every effort to maintain these standards as we grow our family business and Fullers are helping us to achieve this on every level.”


Fullers Logistics opens new site in Bordon, Hampshire

fullers logistics bordon office

We are thrilled to announce that Fullers’ new site in Bordon, Hampshire is now fully operational and is enabling us to expand our services across the South of England.

The new warehouse facility, supported by a dedicated team of drivers, operational support and management staff has been opened by Fullers as a result of significant growth and demand from B2C and B2B clients for our multi-channel fulfilment and other fulfillment services.

“In the last 12 to 18 months we’ve seen a considerable increase of enquiries and new business from eCommerce retailers seeking support for their logistics operations,” comments Tony Dempsey, Divisional Managing Director at Fullers Logistics. “With UK eCommerce sales expected to reach £70.75 billion* in 2017 and no doubt increasing in the next three years, we wanted to ensure that our business was investing in an additional and dedicated eCommerce fulfilment site to accommodate this existing and future growth.”

The new facility in Bordon is an extension of Fullers’ existing dedicated and multi-user warehouse operations based in Slough, which provide 3rd party logistics services to customers such as BMW UK, Pots & Co. and The Library of Fragrance. From the multi-user site, we will be able to support multiple clients under one roof and offer them a tailored and flexible fulfilment solution including storage, pick, pack, shipping and even returns handling.



“We are passionate about ensuring the best possible service for our clients and proactively review all aspects of the operations we undertake to identify areas where we can improve productivity, increase efficiency and uncover cost savings. The new Bordon site is a great example of how our business is evolving to meet the present and future needs of our customers and we are excited about the potential that it offers to continue the expansion of our business across the South,” concludes Dempsey.

Thinking of outsourcing your fulfilment? Why not read our blog about how to find the perfect 3rd party logistics partner? Or get in touch with us to enquire about our new site and how we could manage e-fulfilment for your business.

*Source: Statista


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