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Top 5 Tips: Increase efficiency, ensure accuracy and improve supply chain performance


Working with a 3rd party logistics provider (3PL) is about the long-term relationship: At Fullers our aim is to become a partner with our customers, rather than a service provider. Making sure the relationship is compatible from the very start means that your expectations will always be met with expertise and a shared understanding. Here are our 5 top tips to focus on to make sure your partnership increases efficiency, ensures accuracy and improves supply chain performance.

Tip 1: Don’t discount the importance of company culture

Make sure your company cultures are similar and you have some shared values. If you’re really into the environment, a relationship with a 3PL that doesn’t value that will probably be frustrating and ultimately, can damage your brand image. If your 3PL has a similar company culture, or at least can understand yours, the relationship will last longer.

Fullers' fulfilment services fuel the fire for MAD Design Group - Watch the Video Company Overview

Tip 2: Build relationships with multiple contacts within the 3PL company

The more you know about your 3PL the better. You can get to know your 3PL by developing relationships with multiple people within the company. This will also improve transparency between you both - an important factor when doing business long term with another company.

At Fullers we have the technology in place to assist with the multichannel fulfilment process, but it’s really the people behind the process that have enabled us to ensure accuracy and productivity within our customers supply chains.

Tip 3: Consider your partnership with a 3PL to be collaborative

Rather than seeing the 3PL as just a service provider, start to think of it as a collaborative relationship - even the logistics branch of your own company. For a start, make sure that you communicate all related intelligence and information clearly and regularly. Consider investing in training or team exercises which will increase collaborative effort and improve overall performance from both sides.

Tip 4: Choose a Pick and Pack Service that saves you time

Delays and shipment errors can happen at any step in the process between the time an item leaves the factory and reaches the customer. The earlier errors are caught, the smaller their downstream impact will be. The picking process is often the key to ensuring that the right product reaches the customer. Order picking errors also entail a loss of efficiency in the warehouse, since the picker will have to spend time returning the wrong product and picking the correct one instead. In order to accurately measure order picking accuracy and catch errors, it’s important to have some way of verifying that the picked item corresponds to the order before it leaves the warehouse. If this verification is recorded electronically, the data can be inputted into a Warehouse Management system to provide a real-time view of picking accuracy in the warehouse.

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Tip 5: Set shared KPIs and incentivise good performance

One of the most common reasons 3PL partnerships fail is poorly defined expectations. It’s important to communicate objectives and concerns, and constantly benchmark key performance indicators (KPIs) that are most important to you.

Develop KPIs that are shared and can be incentivised. This makes it easier to evaluate performance and make sure that it’s a shared goal between both. Not sure what some of those shared KPIs might be? They can revolve around customer service, shipping times, delivery condition, and order accuracy.

A 3PL may be providing world-class service, but unless a customer measures that data and compares it with contractual or industry standards, it will never know.

Fullers Logistics is awarded a fifth consecutive Gold Award from premium automotive brand BMW Group UK. Gold awards are bestowed for achieving a minimum of 99.82% accuracy across quality, stock management, pick accuracy and on-time delivery. - Find out more

Make sure you have a relationship with a 3PL built on trust, good performance and transparency. Once you’ve made the decision to send your beloved products into the big market on their own, and to put your brand image in the hands of a 3PL, make sure it’s one that will carry your company’s values, work ethic and ways of doing business along with your products.

When it comes to supply chain management, it's not about re-inventing the wheel. It's about collaboratively creating better or more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas from shop floor to the door step of your customers.

If you’re looking for an ultra-efficient warehousing solution get in touch.



Fullers Logistics celebrates five award-winning years with BMW Group UK


Fullers Logistics is pleased to announce that it has received a fifth consecutive Gold Award from premium automotive brand BMW Group UK. The award commemorates Fullers’ commitment to excellence and recognises an overall service & performance score of 99.82% in 2018 for their Dealer Metro Distribution Centre (DMDC) that it operates on behalf of the automotive manufacturer in Slough, Berkshire.


The DMDC is a dedicated warehouse solution developed and managed by Fullers Logistics for the receipt, put-away, pick/pack and same day dispatch of up to 1,500 lines per day of automotive components and fast moving service parts, supporting the BMW Group UK based in the South of England and South Wales.

Fullers BMW Award 2018Achieving Gold

“We are measured across a range of operational elements throughout the year including quality, stock management, pick accuracy and on-time delivery,” explains Tony Dempsey, Divisional Managing Director at Fullers Logistics. “Although we have technology in place to assist with the fulfilment process, it’s really the people behind the process that have enabled Fullers to achieve this recognition from BMW year on year.”

Gold awards are bestowed for achieving a minimum of 99.80% accuracy across these areas and this is the fifth consecutive year that Fullers Logistics has exceeded these targets.

Ensuring Success

“We regularly and proactively evaluate all aspects of the service that we provide at the DMDC to identify areas where we can increase efficiency, ensure accuracy and improve productivity. I hope that our continual focus will enable us to continue exceeding our SLA’s to BMW Group UK for years to come,” concludes Dempsey.


Choose a Pick and Pack Service that saves you time


Are you spending hours fulfilling orders to your customers? Does the busy holiday season push your warehouse operation into overdrive? Would you like to speed up order fulfilment, so your customers receive their orders sooner and at the same time reduce your warehouse operation costs?

If so, you may consider optimising your pick and pack process.

Pick and pack is an integral and costly component of the order fulfilment process that is commonly used in the retail distribution of goods to consumers. It is labour intensive, time consuming and prone to errors and inefficiencies as many customer orders need to be processed under time and resource constraints.

Even after all the time you spend, you can still make costly mistakes like using a wrong shipping address.

A streamlined picking and packing process isn’t an easy feat. Inventory must be on-hand, organised, and tracked. This way you know you have enough inventory to ship and track what your customer received. Products must be properly packaged to be delivered safely to your customer. This means knowing the required box size and needed packing material. Shipping labels must be generated and placed on the right packages. A system must be in place to validate that customers received the correct order.

To achieve this, you also need the physical space and personnel to perform the process.

Once you have 50-100+ orders a day, or week, fulfilment becomes a daunting task. It takes too much time and you’re prone to make mistakes. These types of mistakes can cost you customers.

At this point, many companies use a pick and pack fulfilment service. Outsourced fulfilment services can take care of this entire process for you like Fullers Logistics.

Using a pick and pack fulfilment services allows you to:

  • Ship items quicker
  • Free up time that can be spent other administrative tasks 
  • Avoid costly mistakes when shipping orders
  • Provide a better customer experience
  • Handle more orders as your business grows

Fullers provide a professional Pick & Pack service with a range of inventory and dispatch requirements, from small and medium individual items to multiple pallets and large, frequent orders.

If you’re looking for an ultra-efficient warehousing solution get in touch.

Last Mile Delivery: Optimise Your Delivery Routes

last-minute delivery-blog

As eCommerce sales continue to rise, so has consumer expectations of delivery transparency, accuracy, and speed. With pressure from Amazon and Walmart, most retailers are scrambling to find innovative ways to lower costs and increase shipping speeds of packages.

It’s no surprise then that last-mile delivery has become top of mind for most retailers. Those willing to invest in optimising their processes could turn their logistics into their differentiator. In a time when customers no longer buy based on price alone, retailers must meet expectations on all other aspects of the customer experience.

If you want to improve your last-mile delivery this year, check out our top 4 trends and find out what you can start doing today to improve your logistics:

Faster fulfilment

There’s an emphasis on logistics and fulfilment due to an increase in on-demand or same-day delivery. We are noticing a huge push and pressure on the fulfilment side to get orders turned around on a much faster scale and pace than a lot of the technology can do today. What normally would have taken less than an hour, suddenly need to go out within minutes, which poses challenges in terms of planning. Whether it’s storage, re-working, order processing, pick & pack, despatch or returns, we can take care of it all. We’ll work with you to define the process that best suits your business.

Warehouse Solutions

To meet customer demands for same-day instant delivery, there is a growing trend for organisations to take advantage of warehouse space. We can work with you to source and configure an appropriate warehouse space for your business. We can operate dedicated facilities or provide space within a multi-user site to meet your changing demands.

Delivery and tracking

There’s an increased focus on visibility in the delivery process. Data that demonstrates proof of delivery along with tracking information is invaluable for when a package is late or gets lost. It also improves user experiences, as customers can see exactly where their driver or package currently is, with estimated times of arrival.

Smart technology

The ability to track your package is just one benefit of new technology. Now, smart technology can be used to deliver further insight and improve deliveries. For example, the temperature of sensitive items can be monitored, which is particularly beneficial to pharmaceutical or food and drink manufacturers who need products to remain at certain temperature on-route.


If you’re involved in last mile delivery and would like some more information on innovative solutions that make customer demands and environmental challenges less competing, please get in touch.


Staying in the Black on Black Friday Requires Careful Supply Chain Planning.


According to the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), customer enthusiasm for Black Friday shopping is up 8% this year, and spending is expected to increase by 4% overall.

Black Friday is fast approaching, with its younger sibling, Cyber Monday, as the two highest retail sales days for many retailers.

There are many ways for retail businesses to prepare themselves for Black Friday, and it is extremely important that they do, and do it well, to have a profitable day on their hands.

How will you manage your stock levels during the holiday season?

The most important objective for a business to aim towards Black Friday is stock. With a large influx in demand all in one day, it is vital that businesses prepare stock quantities wisely to accommodate for more purchases.

This is where 3rd party logistic businesses like ours shine, providing our retail customers with a flexible method of preparing for the big day.

Many retail establishments choose to outsource part or even all their logistics departments to companies like ours to prepare for both warehousing and delivering of goods to your customers.

Having a 3rd party logistics solution to fall back on will make sure you won’t run out of stock 3 hours in. Black Friday only comes once a year and usually is the most profitable day for businesses; you don’t want to miss that opportunity because you had nothing left to sell.

Distribution and Haulage during the holiday season

Delivery is a huge problem on Black Friday due to the number of sales. This becomes even more problematic if you offer online sales or sell exclusively digitally; the logistics of handling deliveries will quickly get out of control.

Combined with naturally higher demands and enticing promotional offers, your business could quickly lose control of the logistics and fall behind on a massive queue.

With a 3rd party logistics solution, you will have at your disposable a scalable and indispensable asset that will contribute to your company’s growth.

These are just a couple of the important preparations your retail business can take in order to be fully prepared for Black Friday.

While it is only one day, it can often be a day that is talked about for variety of reasons afterwards. Your success or failure will depend on you getting your business and team fully prepared for what is about to happen. Setting a strong pattern for your holiday season of sales will be determined on just how well prepared you are on this day.

Black Friday might seem like a daunting event, but take comfort in that it is only a day; a day for your business to succeed.

If you need temporary multi-client or overflow warehousing to handle increased inventory for peak seasons talk to us.

Working with us will contribute to a great customer experience that will not go unnoticed at this busy time of year.


Simply Ingredients Sifts Through Competition to Choose Fullers


Fullers Logistics provide multi-channel fulfilment and warehouse services to Simply Ingredients; an established wholesale supplier specialising in oriental flour and ingredients for food retailers and bakeries.

As a family run business, Simply Ingredients has gone from strength to strength sourcing top quality ingredients in the market. Their flours are milled by well-established providers who combine technology with craft and artisanry passed on from one generation to another.

“After being let down by our previous logistics supplier, we had an urgent need to find a trusted partner that we could work with to store a broad selection of flours, bakery ingredients and more unique commodities that are sourced from across Europe, explains Andrew Papadimitriou, Director at Simply Ingredients. “After researching the current marketplace, it soon became clear that Fullers were the best fit for our specific requirements with many fantastic resources to benefit our business along with the technical backup required to give us complete peace of mind.”

Fullers provide Simply Ingredients with a multi-channel fulfilment solution which includes product storage, order processing, pick & pack and despatch. “All aspects of their operation are carried out with the care and attention to detail that they deserve,” comments Tony Dempsey, Divisional Managing Director at Fullers Logistics. “As we already work with a number of household names in the food production industry, we were in a unique position to offer Simply Ingredients a scalable solution and maintain regular communication to ensure that SLAs and KPIs are being exceeded.”

One of the reasons Simply Ingredients reached out to Fullers as a new supplier was due to damages of packaging. “We were experiencing high levels of damage in transit with our previous supplier,” explains Andrew Papadimitriou. “So far we haven’t had a single damaged bag which is saving us time and money.”

An integrated warehouse management system provides Simply Ingredients with complete visibility of stock volumes to ensure seamless production and onward distribution of their flour and bakery ingredients. This helps to integrate the supply chain process and speed up the time from putting an order into the system and getting it out for delivery.

Andrew Papadimitriou concludes, “Fullers provides excellent levels of efficiency of service that offers our business great value through their productivity and transparency. Our business has always had a firm passion for quality, value for money and excellent customer service. We make every effort to maintain these high standards as we grow our family business and with the partnership with Fullers they are helping us to achieve these goals.”


Clan International opens North-East depot in Killingholme

Clan NE Depot Header opt

New location offers port-centric services to strategic partners in Northern Europe.

Clan International Transport Services Ltd, a specialist in temperature controlled transport services in the UK and the EU, and part of the Fullers Group, has announced that it has opened a new depot.

Based in North Killingholme in North Lincolnshire, the new depot along with an increasing team of drivers, operational support and management staff was taken on by Clan in January after a fellow transport service provider decided to settle its liabilities and cease trading. Rather than let 35 years of knowledge and expertise languish, the Fullers Group decided that it would take on the management and employees under the Clan International name and seize the opportunity to replicate the services it provides in the south east.

Russell Cowley, Fullers Group Transport Managing Director comments, “Being strategically located a stone’s throw away from Dover, we could not ignore the potential to specialise in port-centric service offerings which suit an increasing number of our northern European strategic partners that face similar challenges in entering the UK as we do in entering Europe. The approach we have taken has become increasingly successful at Dover. So, when an opportunity arose to replicate this business model in close proximity to Associated British Ports’ four Humber Ports, we were eager to take it forward and are excited about the potential that it offers both Clan International and our partners.

“In recent years, the UK export market has evolved significantly and hauliers have had to navigate their way through several unique challenges such as the migrant refugee activity, the weakness of the pound, the well documented shortage of good quality drivers in the UK and now Brexit,” concludes Cowley. After experiencing these challenges first hand, the expansion is one of several steps that Clan International has taken to change its modus operandi in its UK based service offerings.


Fullers Support the Windsor and Ascot Driving Group Charity

RDA Bus Header opt

The Windsor and Ascot Driving Group is a charity based in Ascot. The group was started over 40 years ago.  It is a member group of Riding for the Disabled (RDA). 

The group offers carriage driving to individuals who have a wide range of disabilities, including wheelchair users, who may not be able to ride but love to be involved with a sport involving horses. The participants range in age from 10 – 76.

windsor-and-ascot-driving-group-horse-and-cartThe Group owns a minibus which is adapted to carry wheelchair passengers and is used to transport some of their participants from home to their driving sessions. The bus is also used during sessions so that they can change drivers without returning to base. They also use the bus for attending the Windsor Horse Show and other local shows, and for social events such as trips to Hickstead, Olympia and The Windsor and Ascot Driving Group Christmas Party.

Sarah Clunie, Group Organiser, The Windsor and Ascot Driving Group explains; “Fullers Logistics has supported our Group for over 30 years by providing all of our diesel and paying for the annual MOT, servicing and any repairs.  We are a small charity and this support makes a huge difference – without it, we might not be able to afford the running costs of the bus.  This would have a real impact on some of our participants who rely on the bus for transport, as it’s the highlight of their week and might be their only day out”.

windsor-and-ascot-driving-groupRussell Cowley, Transport Managing Director, Fullers Logistics Group, comments “We are very proud to support The Windsor and Ascot Driving Group and is a cause that is very important to the local community. It is imperative that many people, who would otherwise find it impossible to pursue an outdoor activity, have benefited from the recreational and social therapy that this pastime provides.”

For more information on The Windsor and Ascot Driving Group please visit their website:


BMW Group UK Extends Contract with Fullers Logistics for Further Five Years

BMW Group UK Extends Contract with Fullers Logistics for Further Five Years


Fullers Logistics is pleased to announce that it has extended its contract with BMW Group UK for a further five years to act as the automotive manufacturer’s Dealer Metro Distribution Centre (DMDC) based in Slough, Berkshire.


The DMDC is a dedicated automotive warehouse solution developed and managed by Fullers for the receipt, put-away, pick/pack and same day despatch of up to 1,500 lines per day of automotive components and fast moving spare parts for BMW and MINI retailers in the South of England and South Wales.

Integral to BMW’s continual focus of enhancing customer service, the DMDC enables BMW retailers to order parts and receive multiple deliveries on a same day service, with some outlets receiving up to three deliveries a day. This ensures that Retail Centres across the region can complete work for customers and return their vehicles in the quickest time possible. In 2015 the operation was enhanced further by the introduction of a Saturday service.

What we did for BMW UK

Fullers worked closely with BMW Group UK prior to go-live, focusing on the stock and order profile, design and build of the new operation. This detailed planning at the outset resulted in a seamless transition from the in-house operation formerly carried out at BMW’s Head Office in Bracknell.

Since the implementation of the DMDC operation, Fullers Logistics has received two Gold Awards from BMW Group UK for its service provision to the organisation, recognising its focus on quality, stock management and pick accuracy.

Paul Barnett, Fulfillment Services Manager for Fullers Logistics said: "Fullers’ proven strengths in the FMCG sector and our ability to implement flexible, efficient solutions continue to help us excel on behalf of our clients and deliver solutions that enable them to improve operational processes and enhance customer service."


More news


Russell Cowley presents at European Logistics Platform

Russell Cowley presents at European Logistics Platform

ELP Event Header opt

On 1st June, 2016 EU policymakers and industry stakeholders came together to discuss the impact of the refugee crisis on transport and logistics at a European Logistics Platform (ELP) event held at European Parliament.

Russell Cowley, Group Transport Managing Director at Fullers Logistics and Managing Director at Clan International, was invited to present his views and experiences on the crisis.

Russell CowleyMitigating risk & sharing best practice

In a presentation focused on the practical impact of the refugee crisis Russell described the need for organisations consider diversification of their operations in order to guarantee the integrity of transported goods and the safety of truck drivers. "The heavy investment from companies like ours in elaborating security systems can only be one side of the coin. In order to tackle this situation in a sustainable way, we call strongly on all involved to share best practices and work together to find common solutions."

Since January 2015 there have been a number of notable events that have prevented crossings between Dover and Calais from taking place including ferry worker strikes, Channel Tunnel closures and Operation Stack. In addition, there have been several threats to the safety of truck drivers in Calais as ‘desperate migrants’ have attempted to board trucks.

Cost to the UK economy

The BSI 2015 Security Risk Index concludes that “a combination of strikes & migrant activity near the port and the channel tunnel entrance in Calais resulted in losses of approximately $1 billion (circa £660 million) for the economy of the United Kingdom.


Read the full press release


What is the ELP?

The European Logistics Platform (ELP) has been created to bring together policy makers and industry stakeholders to collectively tackle the challenges of the logistics sector such as overstrained infrastructure, climate change, deployment of new technologies, risk management, trade barriers, customs processes and development of eCommerce. To make sure that both policy maker and industry stakeholders have the opportunity to exchange views, the ELP organises at least four events per year.


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