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Conn Selmer

Managing fragile goods for the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of musical instruments.

Fullers Fulfilment

A legendary brand built in the USA

Conn-Selmer is the biggest manufacturer of band and orchestral instruments in the United States and boasts a heritage going back to 1885. Today, Conn-Selmer manufactures world-class band and orchestral instruments for students, professionals and amateurs alike. Acclaimed for their brass and woodwind instruments, the company includes respected brands including Bach, Conn, King, Holton, Ludwig and Musser.

A long history of innovation and excellence

Conn-Selmer is renowned for their craftsmanship. In recent years, they’ve grown through strategic acquisitions to provide a wide range of high-quality instruments to global musicians.

They sought an outsourced fulfilment partner who would not only meet their high standards, but was renowned for distributing fragile items. This search led them to Fullers Fulfilment.

Dedicated to preserving the quality of precious goods

In our Slough fulfilment warehouse, we’ve established an exclusive mezzanine level to Conn-Selmer. This safe environment allows us to provide specialised handling and storage for their delicate instruments, in a space that is designed to accommodate the storage of these large packages. As part of the customer onboarding process, the Fullers Fulfilment team underwent extensive training to understand the unique requirements when picking, packing and storing the instruments. This ensures that each instrument is handled with care and attention to detail – something that Fullers Fulfilment is well known for in the industry.

Shipping can be a complicated process for high-value and fragile goods. But at Fullers Fulfilment, we have over 60 years of knowledge and experience in providing high-quality, end-to-end multi-channel fulfilment services, from storage, picking and packing, to shipping and returns. In our warehouse, we implement strict quality control measures so that each item is stored and handled with the utmost caution.

The Conn-Selmer instruments are securely packed in specialised materials so that fragile areas are well-protected, while accessories are separately packed. Where needed, recyclable packing paper is used to fill any voids in packages and ensure the instrument is snug within its box. For added security for these high-value items, packages are also covered in black wrappers.

Careful returns for peace of mind

The Fullers Fulfilment team also takes care of the returns process, ensuring it is as streamlined for end customers as the sales process is, and applying the same care specialised attention for each item. We examine all returned instruments and either repackage for storage in the warehouse, or repack to return to the manufacturer in the US. This depends on the individual product and the reason for return.

conn selmar client spotlights

A partnership built on trust and reliability

From our ecommerce fulfilment warehouse, we maintain Conn-Selmer’s legacy of quality craftsmanship to guarantee that customers receive their orders promptly and in pristine condition. With our support, Conn-Selmer has been able to re-focus their attention on the growth and expansion of their world-leading business.



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