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Transforming home décor with style and sustainability

Fullers Fulfilment

Lick: Transforming Home Décor with Style and Sustainability

Lick, the contemporary home décor supplier, has set out to redefine the way people approach decorating their homes. Founded by Lucas London and Sam Bradley, their mission is to alleviate decision fatigue, ignite creativity and boost do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) confidence. Their collection boasts 53 meticulously curated, environmentally friendly paint colours, 25 fine-grade wallpapers created in collaboration with artists like Natasha Coverdale, and top-notch tools for achieving a professional finish. With signature offerings like next-day delivery peel-and-stick samples, easy online consultations, and inspiration from interior designers and colour experts, Lick aims to bring the joy of decorating directly to your doorstep.

Navigating growth in challenging times

Lick faced a pivotal moment in March 2020 when the UK went into lockdown, prompting people to re-evaluate their home surroundings. With a brand identity rooted in simplicity and sustainability, their fulfilment solution needed to mirror the seamless online customer experience and vibrant yet sophisticated persona. Sustainability is a core element of their identity, encompassing FSC-certified wallpaper, eco-friendly paints, and partnerships with organizations like 4ocean and One Tree Planted.

A true fulfilment partnership

Lucas and Sam sought a fulfilment partner, not just a service provider, to help them reach their growth potential. They chose Fullers Fulfilment for this crucial role. Both parties collaborated closely to craft a bespoke fulfilment solution that would impress Lick's customers on practical and aesthetic fronts. Sample products, an integral part of the Lick experience, were picked, packed, and dispatched for next-day delivery. The swift adaptation of processes allowed Fullers to keep pace with Lick's rapid sales trajectory.

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Lick's packaging and sustainability aligned with precision

Understanding the style-conscious nature of Lick's demographic, Fullers ensured that packaging and communication were never an afterthought. Wallpaper rolls and paint tins received special protective packaging, while the presentation of Lick's orders reflected the brand's aesthetic, sometimes including personalised, hand-written messages. Sustainability efforts were aligned as Fullers pursued EcoVadis certification to support Lick's planet-friendly ethos.

Lick's dedication to excellence and sustainability has garnered an average 5-star rating from their customers. Fullers Fulfilment has consistently achieved over 99% accuracy in order fulfilment, enhancing overall customer satisfaction. With a growing Instagram following of over 363k, Lick's unique brand has captivated DIY enthusiasts, influencers, celebrities, and professional decorators alike. Their partnership with leading online furniture brand promises to further elevate their profile and popularity.



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