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Sound Service

Safely fulfilling orders across the United Kingdom for a leading European music technology distribution company.

Fullers Fulfilment

International European music distribution for technology and instruments

Sound Service is an international distribution company of consumer lifestyle goods including music technology and instruments. Established in 1983, the brand has steadily grown from a one-product wholesaler to one of the major independent German distributors for Dixon, Focal, Morley, Nord Keyboards, Zoom and more.

With a hub in the centre of Europe, Sound Service offers a wide product portfolio and is committed to providing excellent customer service.

An opportunity for distribution in the United Kingdom

Sound Service has a growing customer base in the United Kingdom. However, Brexit posed logistical challenges for the German brand. Sound Service sought an ecommerce fulfilment partner that was experienced in handling fragile items to manage their pick, pack and returns service on their behalf.

With our expertise in intricate logistics and our proven track record of distributing fragile goods, Fullers Fulfilment emerged as the ideal solution.

Pick, pack and hassle-free returns for fragile items

Fullers Fulfilment seamlessly integrated into Sound Service’s distribution strategy in a matter of weeks, thanks to our warehouse management solution. For the Berlin-based brand, we carefully store music technology and instruments – all on ground level to make inventory management more efficient and picking more secure.

Our dedicated team – specially trained in the onboarding process to handle these delicate goods with care – picks Sound Service’s products during the order fulfilment process, securely packing the items with specialised materials for dispatch. We record item serial numbers when picking, especially for the high value and electrical goods such as electric guitars and speakers. This adds another level of security to the fulfilment and tracking process.

sound service client spotlights

Working hand in hand with our courier partners, we ensure that Sound Service’s products are delivered with meticulous care to customers across the UK. We also manage the brand’s UK returns service, providing a hassle-free process for both Sound Service and their customers – ensuring a seamless overall customer journey.

All returned items are carefully inspected by our team. Faulty or damaged goods are carefully repacked and returned to Sound Service in Germany, while other items are repacked and safely stored in our warehouse until reshipped.

This streamlined process reinforces Sound Service’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

Transforming Sound Service’s presence in the United Kingdom

Knowing that Fullers Fulfilment handle their distribution needs with efficiency and professionalism, Sound Service have been able to confidently expand their reach into the UK market.



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