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Essential Foods

A thriving partnership; transforming Essential Foods' UK market presence

Fullers Fulfilment


Essential Foods, a renowned Danish pet care brand, offering a diverse range of over 200 high-quality pet care products. Their dedication to crafting products that mimic the natural diets of animals, coupled with their commitment to using non-GMO, human-grade ingredients, sets them apart in the industry. Beyond providing exceptional pet food; Essential Foods also actively contributes to charitable causes, supporting organizations like WWF, Sea Shepherd, and pet food banks, aligning with their purpose-driven ethos.

Navigating post-brexit hurdles with a UK based fulfilment solution

With a growing trend of pet ownership in the UK and a flourishing pet care sector, Essential Foods sought to expand its presence in this lucrative market. However, being based in Denmark posed logistical challenges, particularly after Brexit. They needed a UK-based fulfilment solution that could efficiently handle the storage, picking, packing, and dispatching of orders for British customers. Streamlining deliveries to ensure an excellent customer experience and maintaining their stellar reputation were paramount. Moreover, Essential Foods sought a partner that shared their passion for supporting animal and environmental charities.

Essential Foods

Elevating efficiency and customer service with Fullers Fulfilment

Fullers Fulfilment stepped up to the plate by storing Essential Foods' products in UK warehouses under ideal conditions, meticulously labelled for freshness. Orders were swiftly picked, accurately packed, and dispatched for next-day delivery, leveraging trusted courier networks to enhance efficiency and minimize costs. Additionally, Fullers Fulfilment provided comprehensive account management and integrated ecommerce software for real-time updates and valuable business insights.

A thriving partnership; transforming Essential Foods' UK market presence

The partnership between Essential Foods and Fullers Fulfilment has yielded impressive results. Essential Foods' monthly orders in the UK skyrocketed from 200 to 1600, firmly establishing them as a standout brand in the British pet care market while maintaining their 'excellent' Trust Pilot rating. Thanks to Fullers Fulfilment's expertise, Essential Foods now offers customers hassle-free next-day delivery, eliminating the complications of customs duties and taxes. This streamlined process not only keeps loyal customers and their pets satisfied but also fosters repeat business. Furthermore, through the B1G1 initiative, their partnership contributes to causes aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, working towards a better planet for all.


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