Coronavirus Measures

Fullers Fulfilment

To protect our staff and minimise potential disruption to our services during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, the following measures have been introduced. These are in addition to our standard Health & Safety practices:

From 1 March 2020

  • Appointed a senior manager (Covid Crisis Manager [CCM]) to monitor risks daily via Public Health England and GOV.UK.
  • Put up signage throughout the premises to educate staff and visitors on the Coronavirus, and correct hand washing techniques.
  • Introduced staff travel monitoring across the business, ensuring compliance with Public Health England advice.
  • CCM conduct comprehensive risk assessment of potential Covid impact highlighting future controls.
  • Deliveries Ex Italy - Measures introduced to process delivery after 72 clear hours.
  • Removal of use of in-house pool table to reduce potential contact.

From 15 March 2020

  • All non-essential staff, who can work from home authorised to work from home.
  • Creation of "Crisis Management Team" (CMT) from all areas of the business.
  • Creation of centralised bulletin boards to facilitate emergency information communication across all sites.
  • Changed staff structure to remove inter-site activities and rescheduled break times, to reduce cross-contamination risks.
  • Suspended all non-essential visitors & projects.
  • Communication to all staff to comply with the social distancing requirements as implemented by Public Health England and GOV.UK.
  • Introduced monitoring of all persons visiting us to disclose if they or their colleagues have travelled outside of the UK and/or have exhibited Coronavirus symptoms.
  • Ensured any staff with symptoms self-isolate for 7 or 14 days, in line with the UK government’s latest advice.
  • Signage displayed at key points, limiting access, advising of sanitary & other Covid-related requirements.
  • Implementation of sanitisation stations throughout all business premises holding anti-bacterial hand gel & hand wipes.
  • Processes implemented for sanitisation of all shared vehicles & equipment with appropriate anti-bacterial media.
  • Suspended all internal face-to-face meetings.
  • Procurement of disposable face masks for operational trial to determine suitability. Potential for future mandatory use for all staff.
  • Introduction of on-site zonal restrictions reducing the levels of inter-departmental pedestrian traffic to minimise risk of cross contamination.
  • Lack of available appropriate hand sanitiser externally, leads to internal formulation of equivalent utilising industrial alcohol (IPA) blended with inert hand gel.
  • Disposable PPE (masks and gloves) issued to all "frontline" staff who deal with visiting drivers to be worn at all times during driver interaction. Measure to supplement social distancing.
  • Instruction & utilisation of new visitor trace form for all delivery drivers.
  • Introduction of weekly CCTV review of all areas to ensure maintenance of social distancing within the workplace.
  • Hot/shared desks & equipment removed to minimise the potential cross transference of the virus.
  • Established daily conference calls with all CMT members - chaired by CCM. Forum to review existing and discuss further sanctions.
  • Increased operational management presence to ensure sanitary & distancing compliance.
  • COVID-19 Action Management Tracker designed & implements. A singular management tool that documents & tracks all activities.
  • Additional screens fitted internally & Externally to the FRD gatehouse. Engineering control measures to lessen risk of viral transmission to occupants.
  • Covid-19 Absence database creation. Database to capture all Covid-19 related absence - monitoring/management tool.

From 22 March 2020

  • Increased cleaning resource dedicated to sanitising all handles & handrails throughout the day to reduce risk of transmission.
  • Additional operational resource provided as a contingency arrangement to minimise operational impact of CV absenteeism.
  • Covid-related management awareness training arranged - online seminar by ACAS for heads of departments.
  • New draft process issued to all departmental & line on how to deal with Covid related absence.
  • Canteen restructured table/chair layout to maintain social distancing - reduce risk of contact. Also use of the canteen kitchen to be limited to 1 person at a time.
  • Personnel breaks staggered to limit number of staff on break at any 1 time - reduce risk of contact.
  • For staff arriving on site a redesign of the "signing-In" system to reduce the risk of contact.
  • Disposable PPE (masks and gloves) made available to all non-frontline staff (voluntary usage).
  • Advice note issued to all department managers on dealing with Isolation & Isolation Notes.
  • Additional temporary toilet facilities installed for visiting drivers to negate the requirement to use in-house facilities to reduce risk of contact/transmission, whilst maintaining facility provision.
  • Due to lack of sanitary stocks & PPE readily available dedicated procurement team created with the sole function to source requisite stocks.

From 29 March 2020

  • Following the government decision to relax rules on carrying over annual leave, communication issued to all staff as to how this measure is to be administered & followed within the Company.
  • Driving to work - Travel to work letter/permit issued to all key workers for production if challenged.
  • Generation of a supplementary "Site Emergency Rules" document which consolidates all provisional emergency measures. Circulated to all line managers.
  • Contingency sanitary provision - procurement of chlorine tablets. Dilution to be used as a surface sanitiser. Appropriate processes documented and issued.
  • Introduction of an interim staff reward scheme based upon full attendance for all key workers.
  • Covid 19 Risk assessment completed for Company vehicle sharing/ Issued to relevant department heads for control measure management.
  • To maintain compliance & negate possibility of complacency increased management presence on sites.

From 6 April 2020

  • A weekly CCTV monitoring program has been introduced, conducted by senior management to both highlight any areas of concern and good practices. Feedback provided to department heads for onward communication.
  • Increased sanitisation of the "portaloos". Also additional cleaning resource employed to minimise risks over the weekend & to supplement existing resource.
  • Trial commenced on the use & suitability of face shields.
  • Directive to CMT to enhance protection for cleaners, especially to minimise risk of any contact and/or surface splash back during sanitisation/cleaning.
  • Line Manager communication document issued summarising measures to date & providing advice on team management & welfare during the crisis.

From 13 April 2020

  • Crisis control compliance - explanatory & reinforcement letter issued to all staff.
  • Shift handover arrangements refined to maintain social distancing while not impacting upon the operational handovers.
  • An Emergency Disinfection Service has been identified to provide a professional "deep clean" in the event of a confirmed on-site case. (Contingency/precautionary measure).
  • Covid - PPE - Allocation hierarchy for use if stocks levels are running low. Risk based.
  • Notice to all line managers within current Covid crisis must maintain H&S Compliance - no relaxation of safety controls.

From 20 April 2020

  • In light of the potential prolonged longevity of the Covid crisis, senior management has commenced formulation of a Company-wide PPE/Sanitary strategy - longer term plan.
  • As part of the longer term plan the procurement team instructed to source & trial - safety glasses.
  • Covid - Sanitary strategy longer term decision to formulate in-house personal sanitiser. Procurement authorisation for necessary ingredients & blending media.
  • Pocket size hand sanitisers issued to all staff, refillable from in-house formulation.
  • Samples of reusable face masks procured to trial to determine suitability of longer term application.

From 27 April 2020

  • Hand sanitiser ingredients & media in store for in-house formulation. Blending recipe documented & issued to QA Department to administer when stocks are depleted.
  • As part of the longer term strategy, office layout restructure commenced to create working "pods". Consideration will be given to partial office working once the restructure has been completed.
  • Operational staff who have to interact with visiting drivers to wear full face visor together with face mask, during interaction. Cleaning staff to also wear full face visors in addition to existing PPE when engaged in cleaning/sanitisation.
  • PPE longer term strategy communicated to CMT. Strategy based on "I protect you, you protect me" ethos. All operation & office staff to wear face masks & eye protection when working on site.

From 3 May 2020

  • Emergency process issue to all first-aiders on dealing with casualties during the pandemic. Provision of additional personal resuscitation face shields.
  • Access routes within the warehouse have been re-evaluated. Areas of "sanctuary" are being created & marked out to allow pedestrian cross-traffic, maintaining social distance and not compromising pedestrian & vehicle interaction.
  • Shared facilities, such as microwave ovens and refrigerators are considered as "high traffic" appliances & notification has been issued to all staff of their withdrawal from 18th May.
  • Notification to all staff that drink dispensers & kettles will remain in use, but with additional sanitisation prior to use. Random ATP swabbing will be carried out to measure compliance/effectiveness of sanitary measures. Results of swabbing will determine future decisions of use.
  • In line with the longer term PPE strategy, black reusable face masks have been procured. These will be issued in line with the strategy together with cleaning/washing instructions. A clear instruction to all staff will be issued as to the commencement date of this part of the PPE strategy.
  • Trial of safety glasses (standard) successful. Sufficient stocks ordered to facilitate issue to all staff. Procurement team are sourcing suitable safety (over) glasses for spectacle wearers.

From 11 May 2020

  • Enhanced cleaning program for shared vehicles - between shifts or on handover.
  • Increased sanitisation - cleaning of all facilities regularly during the day and at the end of the working shifts.
  • Introduction of additional floor signage & demarcation areas to assist staff in maintaining a 2m distance from co-workers.
  • Provision of additional hand sanitiser stations at all entry and exit points.
  • Reducing pedestrian congestion, by separating entry & exits points & routes.
  • Introduction of regular sanitary breaks throughout all departments, in addition to standard breaks, to facilitate regular hand washing.
  • Commencement of the requirement for all operational & administrative staff to wear face coverings while in the workplace. This is in addition to the bespoke PPE required by certain roles. Requirement communicated to all staff.
  • Enhanced compliance management of Covid-related controls - site managers patrol their respective work areas.

From 18 May 2020

  • Operations Office restructure & layout review to create enclosed segregated work stations to facilitate a partial return to normal working. Home working still applicable.
  • Operations Office staffing roster redesigned to minimise the volume of staff attending work, while the striking balance between required attendance & home working.
  • All internal Company forums have been temporarily suspended pending the introduction of appropriate distancing & sanitary measures to facilitate their safe recommencement.
  • Use of disposable gloves as an additional Covid-19 response measure removed from all operational staff. Enhanced personal hygiene & sanitisation.

From 25 May 2020

  • In line with Government & HSE guidelines, new comprehensive risk assessments have been completed & communicated for all areas of the business.

From 1 June 2020

  • New Covid-19 risk assessments for each site to form part of mandatory training requirements for all staff. Communication sent to all HoDs to mandate training & update training records.
  • Following the Government announcement on returning to work safely, the decision taken & communicated of the suspension of the attendance reward scheme.
  • In line with recommendation a "Covid-19 Company Policy" has been drafted & is pending Board approval.
  • Following the risk assessment for Head Office, a detailed floor plan has been generated highlighting the required engineering controls, to preserve emergency evacuation routes while controlling pedestrian interaction. The plan will serve as a schedule for required maintenance activities.

From 8 June 2020

  • Staff Information Notice issued - Reminder of key Current Government Guidelines.
  • The "Covid-19 Company Policy" has been sanctioned by the Board & has been issued to the Crisis Management Team for onward communication to all staff.
  • Eye protection issued to the Fairlie Road & Export operations. To be worn in conjunction with face coverings while in the workplace.
  • Fullers "Covid Awareness" training presentation, intended for all staff, has been completed & is pending Board approval.
  • Program commenced to mark/paint (red) all pedestrian walkways @ 2 metre intervals in Fairlie Road, as an aid to social distancing.
  • Having received the "Covid" measures introduced by Mars Wrigley, commencement of the risk assessment process for factory-based Fullers staff has begun. The assessment will be completed & communication commenced by 16th June.
  • The "Returning to Site Infection control measures" presentation published by Mars Wrigley for their associates, is rolled out as a training toll for all Fullers factory-based staff.
  • Head Office engineering control plan issued to the Maintenance for costing & subsequent Board sanction.
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