Factory Clearance Solutions

Vital Steps

To keep your production line moving, it is vital that you ensure the receipt of materials and collection of finished product at just the right time. For one of the world's leading confectionery manufacturers we do just that...

Fullers work closely and in collaboration with the client and other service providers to deliver a comprehensive factory clearance service that helps daily manufacturing quotas to be met, while ensuring that exemplary quality assurance standards are maintained.

There are three elements to our factory clearance operations:


Raw Material Storage and Picking

All the individual components required to make the client's product are delivered to and stored withing a dedicated warehouse operated by Fullers. From this warehouse, raw materials are picked to order along with the appropriate packaging 3-4 times per day. Great care is taken to ensure that items are segregated as necessary to maintain product integrity.


Powder Processing

Once the appropriate raw materials have been picked, they are transferred to Fullers processing plant where they are mixed to the client's precise recipe before being loaded into powder tankers and delivered 'just in time' to the manufacturing line where the mixture is siphoned off into silos.


Clearing the Factory Line

Working in collaboration with the client's distribution provider, Fullers take finished product from the production line and undertake a continuous loading procedure to guarantee swift onward distribution.


A Collaborative Approach

Fullers draw upon a wide range of skill and experience to ensure the success of the operation and our collaborative approach with the client allows us to share risk, responsibilities, resources, competencies and most importantly to share the benefits.


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Nigel Carter looks after our factory clearance operations. If you would like to find more about our collaborative approach or how we could assist to keep your production line moving, why not give Nigel a ring on 01753 519000.


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