COVID-19: How your eCommerce business can reduce potential delays with alternative fulfilment services

25 Mar


How people work, study, spend leisure time and shop has changed beyond anything we could have imagined a few weeks ago because of COVID-19. That’s reflected in the new ways some end-to-end multichannel fulfilment and distribution services are now operating.

Amazon delays ‘non-essential’ shipments

Online giant Amazon is delaying some Prime deliveries for up to a month as it prioritises warehouse space and fast tracks orders for 'essential' goods like toiletries and cleaning supplies, baby products, health and household goods, pet supplies, beauty and personal care, groceries, industrial and scientific items.

For third-party sellers whose products aren’t categorised as ‘essential’, the delays created by this change present a threat to their e-commerce business. Some Amazon Prime customers will need to wait until late April for orders to be delivered, so they might go elsewhere.

Could you miss the boat?

It’s a particularly frustrating situation for those online sellers who are approaching their peak season, such as those selling Easter eggs and gifts, or the gardening and DIY items that the great British public typically buy masses of in the springtime.

There may well still be that demand – but sellers are struggling to meet it because of the gap that’s now presented in the supply chain…

What do you do if your product is ‘non-essential’ but still popular right now?

Many online sellers are keen to make the most of a potential business growth opportunity presented by lifestyle trends created by the coronavirus ‘lockdown’.

Maybe you sell toys, home entertainment, garden furniture, exercise equipment, or walking, running and cycling gear. These items might fall outside the remit of ‘essential’ goods, but their popularity is increasing - and you could be scratching your head about how to fulfil all those orders in a timely way.

An Amazon alternative is available

Fullers Logistics is an end-to-end multichannel fulfilment and distribution service that can help you get your products out to your customers. Agata Wojtasik, E-commerce Fulfilment Manager at Fullers Logistics, reminds owners of SMEs about the alternative services available to them

“Our experienced team is here to help you react to higher demand, meet customer expectations and get your orders ready in time. Fullers has the capacity to store, pick, pack and send out a wide variety of goods.

“Agile systems and dedicated staff are ready to support small and medium sized e-commerce businesses across the UK as we all come to terms with a new way of life in 2020.”

Let’s minimise the risk of the coronavirus pandemic on your profits and maximise the sales opportunities created by a nation stuck at home. To talk to us about your fulfilment and distribution requirements, call us today on 01753 367379 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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