Pick and Pack

Ultra-Efficient Warehousing Solution

Let Fullers Logistics take control of your Pick & Pack requirements for an ultra-efficient warehousing solution for your business.

We provide a professional Pick & Pack service with a range of inventory and dispatch requirements, from small and medium individual items to multiple pallets and large, frequent orders.


Our Warehouses

Our warehouses offer secure storage, professionally trained staff and an innovative warehouse management system. This allows your business to save time, save money and concentrate more on your customers and business growth.

Fullers Pick and Pack solutions are designed to ensure your goods are shipped in a timely, safe and most cost-effective way. When it comes to your warehousing fulfilment needs, our pick and pack services offer a broad range of advantages:


Key Benefits

  • Fully scalable service
  • Cut warehousing overheads
  • Professional warehouse staff
  • eCommerce integration
  • Affordable pricing
  • Efficient POS delivery
  • Items dispatched same day
  • Full returns management
  • Full inventory control
  • Real-time stock management

Why Choose 3PL for Pick & Pack?

We are experts in managing premium-level warehousing facilities. Our experienced warehouse employees are trained to operate and handle the most current warehouse equipment. That’s why we can facilitate a stellar supply and distribution chain for your business.

Fullers offer prompt pick-up and delivery service as well as detailed documentation that track your shipment from start to finish. We can offer you peace of mind knowing that our customer service team is available 24/7. Whether you run an eCommerce site or are a small-sized wholesaler to a Fortune 500 manufacturer, you can rest assured that we serve all our customers with unmatched passion and dedication for your requirements.


Courier Partners

Fullers Logistics work with the UK’s leading and most trusted couriers that enables you to partner with your preferred courier to get the best delivery rates to your destinations.


eCommerce Integration

If your business uses an eCommerce platform, our warehouse management system will seamlessly integrate with your eCommerce software, allowing a smooth transition from your customers placing an order, to the products being picked and packed.


Environmental Benefits

Fullers Logistics can deliver your items directly to the destination of sale, meaning that you’ll reduce overall delivery costs and help to reduce your carbon footprint.

With more warehouse space, you’ll be able to purchase more items in bulk which will help to reduce costs to your business and reduce the amount of delivery miles from your direct suppliers.


Fully Scalable

If you are not sure about how much warehouse space you need in the future, as things develop and change, rest assured that you have complete control over your Pick and Pack requirements. Our Pick and Pack service is fully scalable, depending on your requirements throughout your contract with us. For example, if you start off with just a few orders per week, we can easily support increases in inventory space, warehouse management and distribution as things change.

Choosing a Pick and Pack solution with Fullers enables your business to scale smoothly, without any obstacles.


Ready to Get started with pick & pack?

To find out more on how you can leverage on our pick and pack capabilities, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone on 01753 519 000.


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