Fullers keep supply chain well-oiled for Jet-Lube


Jet-Lube is a globally-recognised manufacturer of lubricants and compounds designed to help maintain the operation of industrial machinery. In order to ensure the smooth running of the UK supply chain, Fullers Logistics provides a tailored third-party logistics solution to Jet-Lube, which includes receipt, storage and pick and pack of goods to a range of B2B customers.


Jet-Lube has been providing high-performance products to help solve equipment maintenance issues for over 70 years. The company’s focus is to produce the industry’s highest-quality range of lubricants, compounds and sealants to keep industrial equipment running and lasting longer. The company has a global presence and relies on its strategic distribution network to sell products to a range of industries including oil & gas, agriculture, food & beverage and utilities.

Historically, Jet-Lube stored all their products in America but needed to find a better way to service their growing UK customer base. They engaged with Fullers to see how they could provide a seamless fulfilment service moving forward.

“We wanted to find a logistics partner that could support our international operation. Fullers Logistics had an incredible reputation in the market for providing logistics solutions that complement a fast-paced manufacturing facility such as ours. They quickly proved they were an excellent choice,” explains Stephen Shaw, Stock Control Manager at Jet-Lube.


Fullers worked closely with Jet-Lube to identify a suitable storage solution and outlined a bespoke process to ensure that every aspect of the transportation of their unique product base was met. This includes applying the appropriate data labels to each consignment, in the specific language that corresponds with the intended destination. In accordance with ADR & IMDG (the governing bodies for the transportation of dangerous goods), Fullers also financed the development and training of their employees in the handling and distribution of hazardous materials and dangerous goods by road & sea. This process not only ensured that Fullers were fully certified and compliant but demonstrated their dedication to managing the stringent safety criteria that Jet-Lube must adhere to.

"We recommended one of our multi-user warehouses based in Slough to meet Jet-Lube’s specialist needs. As well as the ability to store the different types of lubricants, sealants and compounds, the multi-user option provides a flexible storage solution for Jet-Lube that can be scaled to meet future demand,” comments Tony Dempsey, Managing Director at Fullers Logistics.


An integrated warehouse management system provides Jet-Lube with complete visibility of stock volumes to guarantee stock availability for clients who rely on Jet-Lube’s products for their day-to-day operations.

In addition, a dedicated account manager at Fullers Logistics regularly and proactively reviews all aspects of the operations it undertakes for Jet-Lube to identify potential areas where further improvements can be made to improve efficiency and productivity.

Shaw concludes, “Fullers has an excellent understanding of our business needs. Their ability to react to our demands is of real value to us and gives peace of mind. We trust Fullers and look forward to continuing our partnership.”

Fullers Logistics had an incredible reputation in the market for providing logistics solutions that complement a fast-paced manufacturing facility such as ours. They quickly proved they were an excellent choice.

Stephen Shaw, Stock Control Manager at Jet-Lube | www.jetlube.com

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