Helping businesses meet increased customer demand due to coronavirus

23 Mar


The coronavirus pandemic has brought an unprecedented tidal wave of change into the worlds of businesses large and small; the ripple effect felt across every industry, in almost every country.

Companies in some sectors, such as aviation and hospitality, have been hit so hard that governments are already stepping in with significant financial aid. But for others, the sudden change in consumer needs, lifestyles and behaviour as a result of the coronavirus has meant they’ve had to accelerate their operations to meet a growing demand for their products and services. Healthcare, medical and technology are just a few of these industries.

Balancing timely supply with increased demand

If you work in an industry that has seen a rapid increase in consumer demand because of COVID-19, the coming weeks and months could mean you need a robust and reliable end-to-end multichannel fulfilment and distribution service to help you supply your products to those who need them, ASAP.

Perhaps the sudden uplift in demand for your product has meant your business is entering a growth phase with more momentum than you anticipated, so you are seeking warehouse, fulfilment and distribution services to cope with coronavirus-related demand.

Who Gives a Crap – the loo roll success story

One of the most publicised stories of a recent spike in consumer demand is that of toilet paper. The once-humble household staple has become top of everyone’s shopping list due the potential need to self-isolate. Supermarkets have struggled to keep supplies on the shelves and rationing of purchases is now being implemented by many retailers.

Anxious shoppers responded to low stock levels in shops by heading online, towards sites such as Who Gives a Crap – Fullers Logistics store Who Gives a Crap products. A few months ago, this recycled toilet paper brand was doing well but still operating slightly outside the ‘mainstream’, supplying their products to a niche of ethically minded households across the UK.

Almost overnight, as COVID-19 stockpiling of loo roll began, they were able to temporarily close their website to new customers so that they could catch up with demand and take care of their loyal client base as a priority (most products are still sold out). Thoughtful brands like these want to balance the fulfilment of high customer demand with maintaining the sense of community and care that their fans know and love them for.

Rising to the challenge

Fullers is working with several SMEs and larger organisations to help them manage supply and demand throughout peak times such as these, benefitting their business and satisfying their customers.

Tony Dempsey, Managing Director of Fullers Logistics, comments on how they are helping businesses with the fulfilment of increased orders linked to the coronavirus outbreak:

“Fullers is working round the clock to make sure suppliers can get their products out to retailers at a pace that meets consumer demand. In this fast-moving situation, agility is vital – but not at the expense of accuracy or quality of service.

We have the facilities, knowledge, experience and certifications to store items such as food and hygiene products, deploying our innovative pick and pack solutions to get them ready for their delivery destination. Where the buying landscape is shifting so frequently, our Warehouse Management System (WMS) is really coming into its own as a way to streamline and support end-to-end inventory management. It’s integrated with the clients’ own system, so they can see how SLAs and KPIs are being met – 24/7.”

Clients can also view live stock holding and order transactions via an online portal. Fullers account managers are working round the clock to help them monitor and respond to demand accordingly.

Tony Dempsey adds:

“We’re here to rise to the challenge that COVID-19 brings – keeping the supply chain going and remaining responsive whilst being responsible and, of course, looking after the wellbeing of our staff.”

Does your business need an adaptable end-to-end multichannel fulfilment and distribution service to help you deal with the impact of coronavirus? Perhaps you sell hygiene/sanitary products, medical items, long-life food/drink or IT equipment used for working or learning from home. Let’s work together to manage your stock across multiple sales channels, retain control of your customer experience, raise awareness for your brand and increase profitability. Call us today on 01753 519 000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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