Choose a Pick and Pack Service that saves you time

02 Apr


Are you spending hours fulfilling orders to your customers? Does the busy holiday season push your warehouse operation into overdrive? Would you like to speed up order fulfilment, so your customers receive their orders sooner and at the same time reduce your warehouse operation costs?

If so, you may consider optimising your pick and pack process.

Pick and pack is an integral and costly component of the order fulfilment process that is commonly used in the retail distribution of goods to consumers. It is labour intensive, time consuming and prone to errors and inefficiencies as many customer orders need to be processed under time and resource constraints.

Even after all the time you spend, you can still make costly mistakes like using a wrong shipping address.

A streamlined picking and packing process isn’t an easy feat. Inventory must be on-hand, organised, and tracked. This way you know you have enough inventory to ship and track what your customer received. Products must be properly packaged to be delivered safely to your customer. This means knowing the required box size and needed packing material. Shipping labels must be generated and placed on the right packages. A system must be in place to validate that customers received the correct order.

To achieve this, you also need the physical space and personnel to perform the process.

Once you have 50-100+ orders a day, or week, fulfilment becomes a daunting task. It takes too much time and you’re prone to make mistakes. These types of mistakes can cost you customers.

At this point, many companies use a pick and pack fulfilment service. Outsourced fulfilment services can take care of this entire process for you like Fullers Logistics.

Using a pick and pack fulfilment services allows you to:

  • Ship items quicker
  • Free up time that can be spent other administrative tasks 
  • Avoid costly mistakes when shipping orders
  • Provide a better customer experience
  • Handle more orders as your business grows

Fullers provide a professional Pick & Pack service with a range of inventory and dispatch requirements, from small and medium individual items to multiple pallets and large, frequent orders.

If you’re looking for an ultra-efficient warehousing solution get in touch.

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