Last Mile Delivery: Optimise Your Delivery Routes

11 Dec
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As eCommerce sales continue to rise, so has consumer expectations of delivery transparency, accuracy, and speed. With pressure from Amazon and Walmart, most retailers are scrambling to find innovative ways to lower costs and increase shipping speeds of packages.

It’s no surprise then that last-mile delivery has become top of mind for most retailers. Those willing to invest in optimising their processes could turn their logistics into their differentiator. In a time when customers no longer buy based on price alone, retailers must meet expectations on all other aspects of the customer experience.

If you want to improve your last-mile delivery this year, check out our top 4 trends and find out what you can start doing today to improve your logistics:

Faster fulfilment

There’s an emphasis on logistics and fulfilment due to an increase in on-demand or same-day delivery. We are noticing a huge push and pressure on the fulfilment side to get orders turned around on a much faster scale and pace than a lot of the technology can do today. What normally would have taken less than an hour, suddenly need to go out within minutes, which poses challenges in terms of planning. Whether it’s storage, re-working, order processing, pick & pack, despatch or returns, we can take care of it all. We’ll work with you to define the process that best suits your business.

Warehouse Solutions

To meet customer demands for same-day instant delivery, there is a growing trend for organisations to take advantage of warehouse space. We can work with you to source and configure an appropriate warehouse space for your business. We can operate dedicated facilities or provide space within a multi-user site to meet your changing demands.

Delivery and tracking

There’s an increased focus on visibility in the delivery process. Data that demonstrates proof of delivery along with tracking information is invaluable for when a package is late or gets lost. It also improves user experiences, as customers can see exactly where their driver or package currently is, with estimated times of arrival.

Smart technology

The ability to track your package is just one benefit of new technology. Now, smart technology can be used to deliver further insight and improve deliveries. For example, the temperature of sensitive items can be monitored, which is particularly beneficial to pharmaceutical or food and drink manufacturers who need products to remain at certain temperature on-route.


If you’re involved in last mile delivery and would like some more information on innovative solutions that make customer demands and environmental challenges less competing, please get in touch.


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