Library of Fragrance chooses Fullers to provide tailored fulfilment & distribution


Fullers Logistics provides a tailored storage, handling & distribution service to The Library of Fragrance which includes goods in, storage, pick, pack and despatch.


A sophisticated warehouse management system provides the client with 24/7 access to reports about stock movement & availability, enabling improved management across multiple sales channels.

When it comes to logistics, The Library of Fragrance is quite a complex brand. Imported from the USA, the product is a unique collection of colognes featuring over 100 different fragrances, available in multiple sizes. As well as being sold from its own - incredibly busy - e-commerce platform the brand is also stocked by selected high street retailers including Boots and Urban Outfitters.

Before engaging with Fullers Logistics, fulfilment and distribution of The Library of Fragrance products was being managed by a large operation, located close to one the key retailer’s distribution centre. While there were no major problems with the existing operation, The Library of Fragrance was keen to explore whether there were better ways to approach some of the unique challenges that come hand-in-hand with operating the supply chain for such a distinctive brand.


Fullers worked closely with The Library of Fragrance to define the storage, fulfilment and distribution process for its colognes.

Fullers recommended using one of its muti-user warehouse sites and configured the space to meet The Library of Fragrance’s unique needs. The multi-user option also provides a flexible storage solution for The Library of Fragrance that can easily scale as the brand grows or to meet spikes in demand during busy gifting seasons such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

As orders are received via the ecommerce site, products are picked, packed and distributed to the customer via Royal Mail. Volume orders place by the brand’s high street stockists are also picked, packed and shipped from the Fullers warehouse.


Using a sophisticated warehouse management system, fully integrated with The Library of Fragrance’s own back office systems, live reporting is available 24/7 providing the client with accurate visibility of stock levels and movements across its multiple sales channels.

Fullers also proactively reviews all aspects of the operations it undertakes on behalf of The Library of Fragrance and seeks to identify areas where it can improve productivity, increase efficiency and uncover costs savings.

Upon engaging with The Library of Fragrance, it was soon discovered that the packaging being used was too large to fit through a letter box. Fullers re-designed the packaging to achieve an immediate and significant saving on postal costs. Another recommendation by Fullers to send packages via a “signed for” service has also eliminated the 10% failed delivery rate.

Fullers provide an efficient service that offers our business good value. Our team at Fullers work productively & transparently and are always willing to explore new processes that are tailored to the specific requirements of the brand.

Clare Rees, Director at Bell & Whistle Ltd - the UK distributor for The Library of Fragrance |

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