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15 Apr


Beauty is big business. In a report published late last year, Market research firm Mintel estimated that online sales of beauty and grooming products would increase by 11.4% to £1.5 billion, with similarly robust growth forecast in 2020. Yet, they could never have predicted the rise in online consumer demand for beauty and grooming products that the COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged.

Unlike the basic hygiene products like soap and hand sanitiser that are available in pharmacies and supermarkets, many beauty and grooming products are now categorised as ‘non-essential’, which means most shops selling them will be closed under current government rules – sending all those customers online.

Self-isolation also means self-care

With hair salons, barbers and beauty salons also unable to operate, there is a strong consumer appetite not just for the non-essential personal grooming brands unavailable in supermarkets, but for an even broader range of products that can be used for a DIY haircut or at-home beauty treatment, for example. Ordering online is the only way to get hold of these at the moment…

Optimum health is also very much at the forefront of everybody’s minds right now, with strong demand for whole foods, immune-boosting supplements, and products to help with the stress, anxiety and insomnia that increasing numbers of people are reportedly suffering from in these uncertain times. With a limited range of these items in physical stores, customers are searching the web.

A rapid increase in online orders

Sales of health and beauty products stored and distributed from Fullers Logistics’ Thames Valley and Hampshire warehouses have increased rapidly in the past month as more people purchase these goods over the internet.

Nutritional supplement business NeoLife, Fable and Mane, which produces plant-based hair products, and Biocell, which offers face masks, collagen shots and capsules containing hyaluronic acid, are some of the Fullers Logistics clients that have seen online orders skyrocket.

Fullers Logistics helps B2B clients switch to B2C

As demand for online shopping grows during the COVID-19 outbreak, for many businesses this has meant a sudden shift into B2C e-commerce, where previously they may only have operated on a B2B basis, selling though third parties.

Our B2C clients across a variety of sectors - not just health and beauty - have grown between 100-300% in the past month, and the flexibility of our fulfilment and distribution service is helping B2B clients to make that migration to a B2C offering with greater ease.

One such business, Simply Ingredients, which supplies different flours and baking ingredients (currently in high demand) to the restaurant and wholesale markets, has made the switch to B2C e-commerce resulting in a growth in sales.

Safe processes and healthy staff mean consistent and efficient service

Overall, Fullers has seen sales for products sent directly to customers increase by 45% over the past six weeks.

Tony Dempsey, Divisional Managing Director at Fullers Logistics, said: “People still want to shop, perhaps now more than ever, and we’re able to get the items they need distributed quickly and efficiently.

“Critical to making this happen are the measures we now have in place to ensure our workers are kept safe while they fulfil these orders"

“Our employees are our number one priority, so we are going above and beyond the NHS guidelines to ensure we look after everyone well. Without healthy staff, we wouldn’t be able to meet the demands of our clients and their customers would be let down. We’re not going to let that happen.”

Safety measures include sanitising all high frequency contact spots such as door handles, every hour, changing shift patterns and workloads to ensure people can always keep two metres apart, and ensuring enough Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) is available.

Fullers is also regularly checking the temperatures of team members and has support in place to help staff with any mental health issues or challenges they are facing.

Are you experiencing high demand for your health and/or beauty products? Perhaps you need help with switching to B2C e-commerce? Let’s chat about your changing fulfilment and distribution requirements. Call us today on 01753 367379 or fill in our contact form.

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