Why our processes make us the best company to ship fragile items

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Why our processes make us the best company to ship fragile items

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For most online shoppers, the pinnacle of their customer journey is that moment when they open the parcel to enjoy the products they’ve been browsing and reviewing virtually, in real life, at last!

Unboxing can be a memorable experience involving all the senses – so it’s vital for ecommerce brands, and the fulfilment providers they choose, to get it spot-on.

When leaks, spills, smashes, dents, stains, squashes and rips and other parcel damage gatecrash that special moment, they’re a most unwelcome surprise - and very bad for business.

Every little “oops” costs your business - big time

The disappointment and hassle of a damaged parcel translates to poor buyer reviews and a reluctance from customers to shop with your store ever again. So, the financial loss to your business extends far beyond replacement goods.

No one wants a soggy snack subscription box, stained dress, or cracked eyeshadow palette when they were looking forward to a treat or ordering for a special occasion.

Preventing damage to goods and your brand

Fullers Fulfilment has been storing, picking, packing and shipping fragile goods from a wide range of sectors for over 50 years. Brands in the health & beauty, food & drink, fashion, pet care, lifestyle and automotive industries trust that we are the best company to ship fragile items for their ecommerce business.

How do we ensure your fragile items are safe? The fragile goods fulfilment team at Fullers are experts in the safe and secure warehousing, handling and shipping of items that need a little extra TLC.

Here’s how we get it done right…

Sensible storage for fragile goods

Fragile goods aren’t just at-risk during transit. Without the appropriate care and attention, they can get damaged before they even hit the road.

With our specialist storage facilities and equipment, Fullers takes care of your products from the moment the stock gets delivered to our warehouses in Hampshire, Berkshire and Warwickshire.

  • Temperature, light and moisture levels are carefully managed in our ambient warehouse conditions.
  • Fragile goods are moved with the utmost consideration.
  • All products have segregated zones, lot numbers and item codes. Our systems inform us exactly how long each batch has been there, and stock is picked and packed on a ‘first in, first out’ basis.

Prudent packaging for fragile items

Our warehouse team can offer you a range of practical, cost-effective packaging solutions for fragile goods that are also in tune with your brand.

As an ISO 14001 certified and EcoVadis rated fulfilment provider, we encourage the use of sustainable packaging for fragile goods wherever possible. We know that many of you want to protect the planet as much as you want to protect your products.

Some of our fragile packaging solutions include:

  • Sturdy outer packaging such as cardboard boxes and bags, which can be made from renewable materials, fit for global shipping if needed.
  • Shock-absorbing inner packaging such as 100% biodegradable packing ‘peanuts’ that allow no movement within the box, filling voids and providing support to keep your fragile items in place.
  • Rigorous parcel labelling e.g. ‘Fragile’ and ‘Handle with Care’ - to alert all handlers of the delicate contents inside as the parcel makes its journey to the end customer.

Shipping fragile goods with care

Once we’ve done everything we can to store your fragile stock correctly and package it protectively, we want to make sure that delicate parcel continues its onward journey in gentle hands.

Fullers Fulfilment works with a network of trusted fragile goods couriers with a reputation for shipping items safely and securely across the globe. Economies of scale allow us to get you the best rate to your destination, without losing peace of mind that you have the best courier for your fragile items.

Fragile goods couriers in our network include:

  • Royal Mail
  • DPD
  • UPS
  • DHL

Better tracking for fragile goods transport with Follow My Parcel

Keeping track of parcels during that crucial window between dispatch and delivery can be tricky for ecommerce retailers – and it’s especially important when the cargo is delicate.

That’s why Fullers has launched Follow My Parcel, a streamlined shipping visibility solution that utilises the latest fulfilment technology to help us ensure every parcel reaches the customer when it should.

Fullers’ customers can choose from Standard or Premium options and we’ll integrate Follow My Parcel into their fulfilment arrangement for as little as 5p per order for our Standard service.

After that, our experienced team will:

  • Automatically pick, pack and dispatch their orders.
  • Proactively run checks every day to catch any shipping issues.
  • Swiftly liaise with couriers when an order falls behind schedule.

Our Premium option (10p per order) allows customers to send their own, personalised shipping notifications linked to a bespoke landing page – unlocking a post-purchase window of opportunity to drive future sales.

Integrated with all major courier companies, Follow My Parcel streamlines parcel tracking in a fast-moving ecommerce environment. It helps elevate the customer experience to surpass that of competitors and deliver growth and success for ecommerce brands from all sectors.

It pays to be prepared

Storing, packaging and shipping fragile goods properly require meticulous attention to detail and the right expertise, tools, tracking systems and processes.

If you cut corners and don’t take the necessary care with fragile shipments, it could end up costing your business more in the long run. In a challenging retail environment, that’s a price you won’t want to pay.

When you outsource your fragile goods fulfilment to Fullers, you can count on a high-quality storage, pick, pack and dispatch service for every parcel, every time.

Are you an established ecommerce retailer selling fragile products, with over 150 orders per month? Contact Fullers Fulfilment to discuss your fragile shipping needs today.

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