Building client communities to help businesses thrive

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Building client communities to help businesses thrive

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As a warehousing and fulfilment service, we work with brands of all sizes, across all sectors including fashion, health, beauty, automotive, food, and others. Therefore, we’ve had a bird’s eye view of the steep learning curve many UK retail businesses have found themselves navigating this year.

Keen to bring some positivity to the scene – as we always are – Fullers has been increasing our support and encouragement to businesses during this challenging time by cultivating client communities.

Sharing knowledge

Fullers stores, picks, and packs products for a diverse range of businesses, from bright young stars like Fable & Mane to bigger brands like Mars and BMW. On a daily basis, we witness the depth and breadth of skills, ingenuity, knowledge, and experience each of our customers possess.

Just like we’re experts in fulfilment, we know that many of our clients are experts in their respective fields.

So, where we identify that a client needs help in a particular area of their business that’s not fulfilment (or they flag this to us) – sales, marketing, or operations for example – we like to play the matchmaker and put them in touch with another one of our customers who can help them find a winning solution.

For example, contemporary paint company Lick recently liaised with James Wellbeloved to improve on social media tactics.

Easing the learning curve

By facilitating these client communities, we go that step further for our fulfilment customers.

Initiatives like these have never been more important than today – where the consumer landscape is evolving all the time. New challenges and opportunities are popping up left, right and centre - and we want our customers to be able to respond to these proactively.

Tony Dempsey, Divisional Managing Director at Fullers, says:

“The eCommerce journey has moved into sharp focus in 2020 and this has led to many brands having to shift up a gear, increasing their knowledge across all channels and remits to improve their offering.

“By making introductions between our clients, we help them solve wider problems, minimise risk, branch out, and succeed.

“We’re not here to simply store and pack items. Nurturing our customers has always been core of our service – and these client communities are another example of how we integrate quality fulfilment within the context of the broader customer journey.”

Looking for a flexible and scalable end-to-end multichannel fulfilment and distribution service with the bonus of community support?

Fullers will manage your stock across multiple sales channels, retain control of your customer experience, raise awareness for your brand, and increase profitability. And if we have another client that you might benefit from talking to, we’re happy to put you in touch. Contact us by filling out our contact form.

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