Celebrating women in fulfilment and logistics

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Celebrating women in fulfilment and logistics

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Marked annually on March 8th, International Women's Day is a global event celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

The theme for 2021 is #choosetochallenge. It focuses on challenging stereotypes, celebrating women's achievements, and calling out gender bias and inequality.

Fulfilment and logistics – a man’s world?

Online shopping is gaining huge momentum and the rise of eCommerce has seen an employment boom in the logistics industry, which now recruits millions of people across the UK. However, only a fraction of this workforce is female. The world of warehousing, fulfilment and logistics is still seen by many as male dominated.

There are many misconceptions around the duties fulfilment and logistics work includes and the typical culture that surrounds these jobs. We want to bust these myths and encourage more women into this exciting growth industry.

Challenging conventional ideas with 3 real-life stories

As a successful fulfilment service based near London that celebrates diversity, champions equality, and encourages achievement, we are here to #choosetochallenge stereotypes around fulfilment work with inspiring stories from three women in the Fullers Logistics team.

Learning and ascending - Agata Wojtasik, Customer Services Manager

“2021 marks my 20th anniversary at Fullers Logistics. I started my career in the Administration team for Mars Wrigley and I’ve always felt supported from the very beginning. My English wasn’t fluent when I started and there were few female staff, but nobody ever made me feel like language or gender were barriers to success. Why should they be?

“The culture at Fullers is one of opportunity and progress. Every member of staff is encouraged to develop and achievement is recognised and rewarded. The validation you receive here gives you the confidence to strive for your goals.

“Over the years, I have been given the chance to work in lots of different areas of the business - including warehousing, palletising, fulfilment and transport - as well as in the office. That experience has given me the knowledge, experience and insight that is so valuable in my role today, as Customer Services Manager. I have a collaborative style of management so that those in my team can build a broad understanding of the business, helping them to develop in the same way.

“There are so many facets to fulfilment jobs, from driving a forklift truck to packing luxury goods in beautiful bespoke packaging - and everything in between. A career in the fulfilment industry is rich, rewarding and varied and it can only be positive news that more women are joining this growing sector.”

Females in fulfilment | Administration Manager at Fullers Logistics

Aspiring and inspiring - Nagore Casado A., Administration Manager

“My career with Fullers Logistics began in 2014, on a work experience placement that was part of an Erasmus scholarship. It was a fascinating role, working as a Project Co-ordinator for the fulfilment service we provide for BMW, which still a source of great pride for Fullers to this day.

“Through my work on that project, my managers recognised my potential and enthusiasm to add value to the business on a more long-term basis. While I was waiting for the right position to arise, I took the opportunity to work in the warehouse and learn more skills that would help me in my fulfilment career.

“By 2016, I had already moved to the head office as Logistics Assistant Executive and by 2019 I was Administration Manager. I am grateful for every opportunity I have been given to learn, develop and get promoted within the company.

“Fullers Logistics has operated the business within the framework of the Business Conduct and Ethical Code Policy for many years, and it is reviewed annually. It makes sure that every person is treated with respect, equity and fairness regardless of race, religion, gender, ability, age or national origin.

“I aspire to the leading female role models here, such as Agata Wojtasik, and enjoy welcoming, working with and inspiring new female colleagues.”

Fulfilment Services Analyst at Fullers Logistics | Women in Logistics

Shining and thriving - Lilla Horvath, Fulfilment Services Analyst

“Back in 2017, I joined Fullers as a temporary member of staff in the admin team, helping to open our site in Bordon, Hampshire. Since then, I’ve held roles as an Outbound Co-ordinator, Supervisor, and supporting senior managers. This experience has given me a bird’s eye view of how different areas of the busines sync together and allowed me to build insight and relationships in a way that streamlines our processes.

“More recently, I’ve won the role of Fulfilment Services Analyst, which gives me the opportunity to show my extensive knowledge of the systems we use. Tony Dempsey, Divisional Managing Director at Fullers Logistics, has championed me from day one and I have received so much support from others in the company as I’ve progressed.

“As your skills develop here, it will get noticed and you will be given more opportunities to shine and thrive. When you go the extra mile, you are rewarded with future career prospects such as management and leadership roles.

“It’s a misunderstanding that warehouse work is all heavy lifting. Besides, these physical jobs can be done by anyone, regardless of gender. More women should join the fulfilment industry to see for themselves how many wonderful opportunities it offers, and to bring balance to the sector.”

Proof that current perceptions of the industry aren't always accurate

The rapidly growing fulfilment industry will only be able to attract more of the right talent by better promoting the scope of opportunities available. That’s why we wanted to share these stories with you today.

Let’s #choosetochallenge outdated and stereotypical notions around jobs in the fulfilment industry and relish the diversity that makes every business flourish.

Are you a woman thinking about a career in fulfilment? Perhaps your brand champions gender equality and you’re seeking a fulfilment service that shares that ethos. We want to hear from you. Contact us by filling out our contact form.

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