Debunking the top 5 myths about outsourced fulfilment

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Debunking the top 5 myths about outsourced fulfilment

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Do you own or run an eCommerce company? You’ve probably seen a rapid increase in demand over the past 18 months because more consumers than ever are shopping online. It’s possible that order numbers are overwhelming the resource you have available to fulfil them in-house.

Busy times for eCommerce

To maximise the golden window of opportunity that has opened for you as an online retailer, you’ll need to be able to meet customers’ expectations for speedy delivery, regular updates and impressive packaging. On top of all the other elements of running your business, you’re probably run off your feet and thinking about solving this challenge with outsourced fulfilment services.

Yet, outsourcing aspects of your business can feel scary when you’re used to being in control of everything yourself. Collaborating with trusted experts is necessary to facilitate significant growth…but when your business is flying high you might fear letting go.

Need help but scared to outsource your fulfilment?

When you own and/or run a company, you are always balancing opportunity and risk. Fear of the unknown is part of human nature and influences our decisions in business, as much as in life. But it’s important to recognise when that fear is based on myth rather than on fact.

Fullers Logistics has been in the fulfilment industry for over 50 years. During that time, we’ve not only dealt with millions of parcels – we’ve dealt with millions of queries. Those conversations have highlighted some common misconceptions around outsourced fulfilment.

Busting fulfilment myths with facts!

It’s tragic to think that some businesses might miss out on the myriad benefits of outsourced fulfilment just because of these misconceptions, so we want to debunk a few of those myths right here, right now…

Myth 1: Fulfilment service providers take a hefty cut of profits and tie you into a contract

If you work with Fullers, 100% of the sales value is all yours. Apart from a set-up fee to align our systems and processes, there won’t be any other hidden costs.

You’ll be made fully aware of all initial costs as part of your quotation, and we’ll consult with you at every stage in the event that other fees arise.

We believe we are only as good as our last task for you, so we won’t lock you into any hidden contracts either. Our flexible arrangement will evolve with your business throughout peaks and troughs.

Myth 2: eCommerce system integration can cause errors and delays

Fullers’ Warehouse Management System (WMS) will sync seamlessly with whatever eCommerce platform you’re using, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and many more. Our savvy systems experts will make light work of system integration as part of your onboarding process.

Far from having a negative impact, system integration will actually help streamline your business operations and improve your customer journey with all the accuracy and efficiencies it offers. You will know exactly when products are ordered, picked, packed, dispatched and delivered.

Fullers only works with a trusted network of reliable worldwide couriers, including Royal Mail, dpd, Hermes, FedEx, DHL, and Amazon Logistics. An economy of scale enables you to partner with your preferred leading courier whilst still enjoying the best delivery rates to UK and worldwide destinations.

Myth 3: Stock levels become difficult to track and manage

The integration of your eCommerce system and Fullers’ WMS means you can see stock levels at all times, in real time.

Get ‘low stock’ alerts, as well as email reports and access to graphs to see what is and isn’t selling, so you can manage production in a more cost-effective way and apply relevant discounts and promotions.

It can be time-consuming to get this level of insight when you deal with your fulfilment in-house, and it can really empower your business strategy.

Myth 4: Products won’t be safely and securely stored and handled

Food and drink, fashion, health and beauty, home improvement, pet care, automotive and more – our secure and ambient warehouses in Hampshire and Berkshire house a cornucopia of product types, of all shapes and sizes.

By outsourcing the storage of your products to a fulfilment specialist such as Fullers, you’ll know your number one asset will be kept in precisely the right warehouse conditions. Temperature, light, and moisture levels can cause expensive damage if not responsibly managed. If your stock is fragile or prone to leakage, how it is moved is also critical.

Our dedicated warehouse team will pick and pack items with the required care, monitoring expiry dates and using a ‘first in, first out’ basis to minimise waste. All products have segregated zones, lot numbers and item codes, and the WMS informs them exactly how long each batch has been there.

Myth 5: Packaging will become generic, impersonal, unfit for purpose, or wasteful

Here at Fullers, packaging is never an afterthought because we know it’s not just what’s inside the parcel that counts.

We’ll work with you to source and create custom packaging to your specifications. Some clients like internal tissue paper, some ask for branded boxes, and others are happy with the best value option. In any case, we’ll make sure your packaging fits your brand identity, practical requirements and budget.

If you wish, we can include personalised notes, returns labels/returns packaging, complimentary gifts, samples, flyers and coupons. Unexpected touches are memorable, encouraging repeat business and increasing brand exposure via social media shares.

Fullers is working towards certification with EcoVadis, the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. Together, we can make sure the environmental impact of your packaging is minimised.

Outsource your fulfilment with confidence

As you finish reading this article, we hope your concerns about outsourcing the storage, fulfilment and logistics of your products have been put to bed.

Transparent costs, flexible contracts, streamlined systems, smarter stock management, specialist storage and bespoke packaging; with so many benefits to outsourcing your fulfilment to Fullers Logistics, there’s nothing to fear and everything to gain.

Got some more questions about fulfilment? Visit our FAQs page or contact our friendly team for a chat.

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