Don’t get spooked by these fulfilment nightmares

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Don’t get spooked by these fulfilment nightmares

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A high-quality fulfilment process is at the beating heart of every successful eCommerce journey, so getting it wrong can have a deadly impact on your business.

Your customers want a carefree shopping experience, from the moment they spy the product they want, to the time there’s a knock at the door and their hotly-anticipated delivery arrives.

So, beware of the sticky web of eCommerce fulfilment pitfalls! Here are some ways you can avoid 3 of the most common nightmare scenarios…

Frightful stock management

You’ve toiled and troubled over product development to achieve an innovative design or formula. After significant investment in PR and social media, your product gets featured on an influencer story and on a TV show – in the same week!

Keen customers flock to your website…only to see that you’re out of stock. Your arch-rival stealthily lays in wait with a similar product, ready to steal your limelight like a villain in the night.

Is this RIP for your brand?

Systems save the day!

When you outsource your fulfilment to an experienced provider such as Fullers Logistics, our tried and tested systems and processes will help you stay one step ahead with your inventory management.

  • Sync your eCommerce platform with our highly sophisticated warehouse management system (WMS) and view stock levels anytime, in real-time (we’ll take care of integration for you)
  • Get alerts when stock levels fall below a certain number, so you can order more product in good time
  • Use insights to forecast future peaks and troughs, allowing you to manufacture more economically and apply relevant discounts and promotions where necessary

At our warehouses in Hampshire and Berkshire, we store all products securely in suitable conditions and manage stock rotation carefully, so that your customers never receive expired or impaired goods.

The horror of a massacred delivery

That cocktail kit was as unassuming as you were... Surely a carboard box and bit of bubble wrap was enough to survive the journey? How much mayhem can really happen on the back of a lorry, anyway?

Glass rattled as gin soaked the door mat. The customer whipped out their phone to capture the horror. All the neighbours heard the gasps! When they read the abominable review online, they knew which brand was to blame… and the gossip spread like a devilish wildfire.

Packaging that’s more than just fancy dress

We believe perfect packaging is equal parts style and substance. Yes, the wow factor makes your brand memorable and gets your product social media shares… but getting items from A to B in one piece is paramount.

  • Leave it to our fulfilment experts to source the most secure packaging for your product type. For example, check out this robust yet lightweight cardboard sleeve that we used for a luxury champagne client
  • Encourage your customers to make unboxing videos (not horror movies) with thoughtful packaging featuring personalisation
  • Don’t be a monster to the environment – talk to us about sustainable and eco-friendly packing options for your eCommerce business

The technology used by the warehouse team here at Fullers Logistics ensures all orders are picked accurately, after which they pack them with flair and pride.

Phantom parcels and ghastly delays

A cold, cold wind swept across the doorstep. Turning on the light, the customer peeked through a crack in the door. They’d been waiting in all day for that special parcel, just like the day before, and the day before that.

Brrr! A chill bit their bones as they realised there was nothing there but a toad. Oh, where WAS the delivery person? Would their order ever exist in the material realm?

A trusted network of worldwide couriers

We partner with leading couriers, including Royal Mail, DPD, Hermes, TNT, UK Mail and Air Business.

Choose your preferred courier yet get better shipping rates to your destinations, including next day

Navigate potential delays to your supply chain caused by driver shortages with our support, so you can manage customer service and expectations, clearly communicating any issues

Avert unnecessary delays to overseas orders – Fullers Logistics is up to date with all the mandatory post-Brexit export requirements

Outsourcing your fulfilment to our dedicated team means you won’t have to waste time chasing up orders, so you’ll be able to concentrate on other priorities within your business. Pure magic in peak times, wouldn’t you agree?

Cast a spell on your customers with our top quality fulfilment solution. There’s nothing to fear! Contact our friendly team today.

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