Festive Fulfilment Basics - A checklist

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Festive Fulfilment Basics - A checklist

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Autumn is synonymous with many things. Fresher days, longer nights, and leaves changing from green to amber and gold.

If you run an eCommerce business, it usually also marks the start of the busiest time of the year!

Managing an online retail store during the Autumn / Winter peak season has always been a juggling act. Upscaled production, new product launches, gift promotions, seasonal messaging, and special packaging…these are just some of the baubles you’ll have up in the air at any given time.

In 2021, many businesses are facing a few added complications. Snags in the supply chain caused by driver and fuel shortages are just a couple of reported issues.

Be prepared

None of us can control future wider world events but we can at least make sure we’ve made some basic preparations for the busy weeks ahead.

Fullers Logistics is a comprehensive fulfilment service based in Hampshire and Berkshire. With almost 60 years’ experience under our belt, we’ve picked and packed our way through a fair few festive periods!

We’ve used that wisdom to put together this basic festive fulfilment checklist to help you maximise this period of sparkling retail opportunity.

  • Outsource your order fulfilment (…if you haven’t already)

The silver lining of the pandemic was that lots of bricks and mortar shops found their way online. eCommerce offers so many benefits, such as the opportunity to sell 24/7 all over the world. However, an online customer journey is only as good as the standard of fulfilment...

If your online business has grown, attempting to manage the fulfilment of multiple orders yourself at a time of high demand could lead to errors, delays and unhappy customers.

We’ll take care of orders automatically as they come in, leaving you with more time and energy to focus on other elements of your business. Onboarding takes a couple of weeks so get in touch with us ASAP to be ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday at the end of November.

  • Get stock delivered to the warehouse by November

Already outsourced your fulfilment? Please give us an ETA on your festive stock and communicate any special requirements. Ideally, we need to take receipt of your seasonal products by November, so that we can get everything stored and labelled ahead of the Christmas rush.

Fullers has the capabilities to store a wide range of products, from fizz to frocks. Our diligent fulfilment experts will make sure your products are kept in suitable conditions, safely and securely. We pick items on a first in, first out basis so you won’t have to worry about writing off expired goods in the new year.

Sophisticated technology, combined with close attention of our dedicated team, means every one of your customers’ orders is picked, packed and dispatched with care, ready to go under the Christmas tree.

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) syncs with your eCommerce platform so you can see all stock movement in real time. Want to introduce bundles and promos to shift stock faster? We’re flexible, so just let us know.

  • Jazz up your packaging and brief in your personalisation requirements

When you work with Fullers Logistics, our packaging experts will not only make sure that your packaging expresses your brand identity, we’ll make it seasonal too.

Get in touch with us as early as possible before the festive period to discuss Christmas wrapping, complimentary gifts and samples, coupons, flyers and any other extras you’d like us to include in the order before it’s dispatched.

We can source and use custom interior packaging and add personalised greetings using our SMARTSlip service. 31% of consumers say they wish their shopping experience was far more personalised than it currently is. Christmas is the perfect time to show your customers that love, so they’ll keep on shopping with you in 2022.

  • Extend and communicate returns policies

Complicated returns are a major customer turn-off. Getting returns right means 9 out of 10 shoppers will buy again. Let us know if you’d like to utilise the DHL Returns service, to help make returns hassle-free (and printer-less) for your Christmas shoppers.

Goods can be sent back to us at Fullers, where we’ll check them and prepare them to go back into stock. Simply tell us what your seasonal returns criteria is, and we’ll apply those rules to every item that comes back.

  • Keep your website up to date with delivery timescales

We understand how a delayed delivery can take some of the shine off the big day. That’s why we pick and pack every order as promptly as possible, same day for next day delivery where necessary.

Our Account Managers will be in touch with all our clients to make sure we know what your delivery timescales need to be. Make sure you are clear about this with your customers on the website at the point of ordering, perhaps including a disclaimer and adding extra time to accommodate potential delays.

Fullers works with a trusted network of worldwide couriers including Royal Mail, dpd, Hermes, FedEx, and DHL. Via real-time system integration, you’ll be able to track order progress.

In the event that there are logistics delays, we’ll stay in regular communication with you and your chosen courier to explore solutions.

Let us support your ecommerce business with high quality fulfilment in the countdown to Christmas. Contact our friendly team of fulfilment experts today to make arrangements for the festive period – and beyond.

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