Find the missing piece of the eCommerce puzzle and step up your game

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Find the missing piece of the eCommerce puzzle and step up your game

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Running an eCommerce business can feel like a puzzle or a game, exciting and compelling but tricky at times. In the world of online retail, the rules are always changing. Competition for consumer spend is fierce and the stakes are high.

You’ve got to be in it to win it

Retail businesses large and small need to evolve how they approach the eCommerce puzzle or play the game - and keep doing so to thrive. Shopping behaviours continually shift, spending patterns fluctuate, trends rise and fade - so tactics are everything.

As a business owner, you know that long-term success is all about looking at the bigger picture. By evaluating your current eCommerce game plan, you can identify where your business needs to improve, or spot problems that need solving.

Taking a broader view

When it comes to creating a winning eCommerce customer journey, there are many contributing factors.

As an end-to-end UK fulfilment service, we help SMEs from a diverse range of sectors to refine their warehousing, stock control, picking, packing, order dispatch and returns. However, high-quality fulfilment is only one piece of the puzzle; only one aspect of the game…

There are several other elements you need to bring into the mix to complement fulfilment and create a better eCommerce experience overall.

Are you missing something important?

Questions to ask yourself

Imagine how a typical customer might shop for your products and connect with your brand, then consider the following:

  • Is your website coming up on the first page of Google when potential customers search for your product type? If it’s not, you might need help with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to get found
  • Could you harness the sophistication of online advertising to get noticed? A digital marketing agency will help you get maximum ROI on PPC, display advertising and other highly targeted channels
  • How user-friendly is your eCommerce site – on all devices? Professional analysis can help identify where you’re losing shoppers on desktop, tablet and mobile – and fix that
  • Do the images and graphics on your website showcase your product accurately and with style? Designers and photographers can help create an aesthetic with clarity and impact
  • Does your branding and design resonate with your key audience? Branding experts can help you revamp your image, so you impress the right crowd
  • Are you making the most of social media to cultivate a brand following and get your products noticed? Maybe you need expertise and additional resource to better manage the vast power of platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, to reach out to new and existing customers
  • In what ways are you connecting with influencers? Targeting the right names can get you game-changing product exposure
  • Might content marketing such as newsletters and downloadable guides help you build a stronger relationship with your customers? A skilled copywriter will develop the words to achieve this
  • When your competitors appear on TV, radio, podcasts and press, are you there too? PR assistance will get your product seen, heard, read about – and talked about - in all the right places

Connecting you with trusted experts

When you work with Fullers Logistics, we’ll handle all your fulfilment needs, including warehousing same-day picking, bespoke packing, cost-effective courier services, and hassle-free returns.

However, our support goes beyond fulfilment – because we know a fantastic eCommerce customer journey goes beyond that.

If you’ve considered the questions above and you think you need help with things like marketing, social media, PR or website design, we can introduce you to experts in our trusted partner network.

We’ll put you in contact with people who can provide your business with the skills and expertise to improve your customer journey and help you sell more products.

Website more cryptic than a crossword? Don’t know SEO from Sudoku? Branding more puzzling than a Rubik’s cube? Talk to Fullers and find out about the trusted experts who can complement our high-quality fulfilment processes. To get in touch, fill out our contact form.

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