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Fulfilment just got personal...

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As online consumers, we are surrounded by personalisation all day, every day.

Netflix tells us what we’ll want to binge-watch next, Spotify finds us our future favourite ditty, and eCommerce sites from Amazon to Sainsbury’s recommend everything from to pillows to lunch.

In fact, personalisation has become so commonplace that consumers have come to expect it from companies of all types and sizes. It helps narrow down choice and makes shopping decisions easier.

eCommerce personalisation statistics from Instapage show that, on average, 71% of consumers express some level of frustration when their shopping experience is impersonal. 31% say they wish their shopping experience was far more personalised than it currently is.

Personalisation = happy customers = a thriving business

A personalised eCommerce journey is not just about being ‘touchy-feely’ and giving customers that warm and fuzzy feeling. If you run an eCommerce business, personalisation can seriously impact your bottom line.

Customers who receive personalised collateral and communications are more likely to engage with your brand because they feel seen and appreciated.

That engagement will convert to:

  • word of mouth recommendation of your product/s to their friends, family and colleagues
  • social media coverage (e.g. unboxing videos) and shares to a wider audience
  • a strong and lasting relationship with your brand – less likely to choose competitors
  • repeat purchases in future, boosting revenue for you in the long term

Achieve personalised fulfilment with Fullers Logistics and SMARTSlip

As a fulfilment service provider to eCommerce businesses across a diverse range of industries, we witness first-hand what a positive impact personalisation can have on their growth because we see those repeat orders come flooding in.

That’s why we offer personalisation such as SMARTSlip from RetainMe. This innovative service allows us to create a tailored unboxing experience that will win the hearts and minds of your customers from within the parcels we send out for you.

In-parcel personalised marketing content

SMARTSlip allows us to create bespoke branded marketing collateral for inclusion within each package, featuring the customer’s name. As this RetainMe video explains, this creates a physical brand connection that quite literally puts your brand in their hands.

Not only can SMARTSlip be personalised with their name; we can also use it design marketing materials around any insights you’ve gathered about their purchasing preferences and behaviour. For example, if your data shows that they loved last season’s denim collection, we could promote this year’s new washes and cuts via SmartSlip.

Nifty, eh?

Fashion and beauty brands, take note

Personalisation can benefit every type of product but seems to work especially well for fashion and beauty brands.

RetainMe explains how leading swimwear and lingerie retailer Figleaves has used SMARTSlip to show off the depth and breadth of their product range and distribute promo codes, even when customers were not opted into the mailing list.

Hugely successful beauty brands Charlotte Tilbury and Revolution also use SMARTSlip, as do many of Fullers Logistics’ clients.

Taking care of personalised fulfilment for you

When you outsource your fulfilment to Fullers Logistics, we’ll take care of your personalisation requirements as part of our comprehensive service to you.

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) integrates with your eCommerce platform and we’ll work with you to gather the insights needed for perfectly prepared, personalised collateral– ready to include in the customer’s parcel. Whether that is a promotional flyer, free sample or personalised note..

For example, if the customer’s birthday is coming up, we can include a “Happy Birthday” message and a special discount code. SMARTSlip has many useful features, including translation for overseas markets.

All the printing of the collateral will be done by our fulfilment experts, who make sure every parcel is packaged with care and style, before being sent out to your customer’s door by our trusted network of worldwide couriers.

Many companies report seeing an uplift in customer retention since implementing personalisation

Investing in personalised fulfilment creates a more memorable customer experience and builds valuable customer bonds and that can be seriously rewarding for your brand development.

Let’s talk about personalised fulfilment for your eCommerce business. Contact our friendly team of fulfilment experts today.

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