Stop losing customers due to lost and delayed packages – your fulfilment solution just got even more dynamic

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Stop losing customers due to lost and delayed packages – your fulfilment solution just got even more dynamic

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Browse, click, checkout, confirm. At a glance, shopping online seems so simple. Yet, behind the scenes there’s a dizzying multitude of processes happening all at once!

As an ecommerce retailer, keeping track of parcels during that crucial window between dispatch and delivery can be tricky, to say the least…

However, reliable shipment and timely delivery are make or break for your ecommerce business – so you and your fulfilment provider have to get it right if your brand is to succeed.

Every order that arrives later than expected, gets lost or damaged in transit, or goes to the wrong address can spark bad reviews and lose that customer – and others – forever.

So, Fullers Fulfilment is delighted to be able to offer our customers the benefits of our new streamlined shipping visibility solution, Follow My Parcel. It utilises the latest fulfilment technology to help us ensure every parcel reaches the customer when it should.


We’ll create a shopping experience that boosts confidence in your brand, wins you positive reviews and encourages repeat business

Follow My Parcel is a sophisticated shipment visibility platform from Fullers Fulfilment that integrates a variety of systems. It uses fulfilment innovation favoured by major brands to help us ensure every one of your parcels gets to the customer on time.

Lost and delayed parcels are bad for business. We use Follow My Parcel to create a seamless post-purchase customer experience that will give your brand the edge and make it easy for customers to decide to shop with you, time and time again.

Above and beyond: Not just your average parcel tracking system

With Follow My Parcel, we have the power to go above and beyond for your ecommerce business.

The parcel tracking used by most fulfilment providers is reactive. Follow My Parcel is in another league because it allows us to be proactive. It doesn’t just track parcels; it enables us to proactively run checks every day to catch any parcel dispatch issues promptly.

Our customer service team will manage parcel tracking closely to avoid a poor customer experience due to unsynchronised or altered tracking details, barcodes incorrectly scanned by the carrier, or delays/losses due to weather, customs, or other unforeseen circumstances

Your customers can receive shipment updates, with the option to have them branded to look like they’ve come directly from your store. So, Follow My Parcel facilitates exceptional customer service, to help win five-star reviews and keep your ecommerce business thriving.

How does Follow My Parcel work?

Choose from Standard or Premium options and we’ll integrate Follow My Parcel into your fulfilment arrangement with Fullers for as little as 5p per order for our Standard service.

After that, just leave it with us to:

  • Automatically pick, pack and dispatch your orders
  • Proactively run checks every day to catch any shipping issues
  • Swiftly liaise with couriers when an order falls behind schedule

Integrated with all major courier companies, Follow My Parcel streamlines parcel tracking in a fast-moving ecommerce environment.


Our Premium service

Upgrade to Follow My Parcel Premium for 10p per order, and send your own, personalised shipping notifications linked to a bespoke landing page.

These will allow your business to customise hyper relevant content for your brand, to be delivered on the platforms that your customers use; email, SMS, chatbot, or messenger. Extra features can also be added, such as ads or promos

Follow My Parcel will benefit your business in many ways

Better shipping visibility and proactive parcel tracking and management from us translates into tangible advantages for you:

  • Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that our extra, proactive checks will catch any shipment issues ASAP
  • Say goodbye to bad reviews and lost sales due to vague parcel tracking and late delivery
  • Win back time and cost spent on lost and delayed parcels
  • Unlock the engagement opportunities hidden in shipment and delivery notifications, to drive future sales
  • Elevate your customer experience above your competitors

Ready to add Follow My Parcel to your fulfilment solution?

Say goodbye to bad reviews and lost sales due to poor parcel tracking and delivery – and hello to growth and success for your ecommerce brand. Get in touch with Fullers Fulfilment to discover more about Follow My Parcel, including further details about the Standard and Premium options.

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