How do you know when it’s time to outsource your fulfilment?

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How do you know when it’s time to outsource your fulfilment?

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The UK ecommerce market is estimated to be worth around £120 billion, with growth forecast at 35% in 2023.

Making sure that fulfilment and logistics meets the increasing demands of online shoppers is an important challenge faced by established and growing ecommerce businesses.

Some questions to ask yourself…

High quality fulfilment is make or break to maintain the momentum of online retailers that are scaling up.

If you’re wondering about outsourcing your fulfilment, consider these questions:

  • Is your ecommerce business approximately 1 year old?
  • Are you dealing with over 100 orders per month?
  • Do you have an efficient ecommerce website? e.g. Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce
  • Are you outgrowing Fulfilment by Amazon or another fulfilment provider because they can’t scale up as fast as you are?

Is your answer yes or no?

Fullers Fulfilment is an established fulfilment provider with sites in Hampshire, Berkshire and The Midlands. Every week, we’re adding new clients to our portfolio because they can answer “yes” to these questions and they’re looking for a more dynamic fulfilment solution. Those that answer “no” are usually best off keeping their fulfilment in-house for now. When you ship fewer than 100 orders per month, the arrangement isn’t cost-effective or time-efficient for either of us.

Common fulfilment challenges for established and growing ecommerce businesses

The following 5 issues are a good indication that it’s time for your ecommerce business to outsource storage, picking, packing, distribution and returns to fulfilment experts like us, or switch providers.

1. You can’t meet customer delivery expectations

When you have in excess of 100 orders per month, that’s over 100 people who potentially want their order to arrive within 1-2 days, and might complain or decide not to shop with you again if it doesn’t.

At Fullers, we automatically fulfil orders on the day they’re received, so your customer can receive them the next day. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to match that timeframe yourself while you’re also juggling the many other commitments of running a business, so you should outsource.

2. Fulfilment is taking up too much of your time

The entrepreneurs we work with have become so successful in their sector because they are always looking for ways to make their business the absolute best it can be. But all that research, strategy and innovation takes time and energy…

Why lose hours, days and weeks fulfilling orders, with no headspace left for bettering your business? Trust our diligent fulfilment team to take care of it for you instead.

You’ll still feel in control because integration between your ecommerce platform and our warehouse management system gives you real-time visibility of all orders and stock levels, as well as reports featuring insights that can really empower your business strategy.

3. Customers are complaining

“Treated myself to some luxury beauty goodies and they’ve leaked all over the place. Pamper evening ruined. Would not recommend.”

“Family wedding coming up. Ordered a gorgeous dress. Got send the wrong size and colour. Stressed and undressed.”

“My puppy loves this brand of dog treats but not when they’re 2 months out of date! Shopping elsewhere from now on.”

Are you reading these reviews and wincing because you’re hearing them more often? You’ve worked so hard to build a successful ecommerce business. Don’t risk it all because you’ve got more orders than resources to deal with them – outsource your fulfilment.

Fullers handles every order with close attention to detail, rotating stock for freshness and selecting practical packaging so the correct goods arrive in optimum condition.

4. Your packaging lacks impact

Packaging is integral to how customers experience your brand. Does your competitor’s packaging put yours in the shade but you don’t know how to make it better?

At Fullers, we work with all our clients to select, source and utilise custom packaging that is 100% fit for purpose, but also has the extra “wow” factor that customers expect when they receive a parcel. Personalisation technology gives us the power to add even more impact. Sustainability is on all our agendas these days, so we’ll suggest low-waste and recyclable options, so you can demonstrate to your customers that you care for the planet as much as you care about them.

5. Returns have become unmanageable

Getting returns right means 9 out of 10 shoppers will buy again. Having to print off returns labels, pay for the cost of returning an item, and then wait ages for a refund are all a major turn-off. As your business grows and order numbers go above 100 per month, chances are your returns will increase too. Fullers Fulfilment has the capabilities to deal with your returns swiftly and without stress. We offer fuss-free online returns as part of our service, to keep your customers happy.

Running an ecommerce business that’s more than 1 year old and dealing with over 100 orders per month? Ready to save time, improve customer service and scale your fulfilment to meet growing demand or seasonal peaks? Fullers Fulfilment wants to hear from you. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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