A day in the life of a warehouse worker

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A day in the life of a warehouse worker

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You’d have to search far and wide to find someone who’s never ordered goods online.

What might seem like a simple process – click ‘buy now’ and not long after a parcel arrives on the doorstop – actually relies on streamlined systems, robust processes, and the skill of fulfilment experts.

Everyday heroes

Warehouse workers are central to the online shopping journey. Consumers rely on them to get everything from make-up to dog food.

Within a UK economy increasingly driven by eCommerce, they are key workers that help keep the country spending, stocked-up and satisfied. Think of them as superheroes in hi-vis capes!

If you’re an eCommerce business owner, they keep your customers happy by making sure they receive the right products, on time, packed with care.

An inside look at warehouse life

As a fulfilment and logistics services provider with warehouses in Hampshire and Berkshire, we wanted to give you a window into the world of these valuable warehouse workers; to show you how goods are picked and packed by dedicated, talented and happy staff.

Just as importantly, we hope it will inspire more people to consider a career in warehouse work. Fulfilment and logistics is a rapidly growing industry, which makes warehouse roles a stable job choice.

A day in the life of a warehouse worker | Careers in Fulfilment

The typical day of a warehouse worker

Here at Fullers Logistics, we deal with all orders automatically as soon as they come in. Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) is linked to our clients’ individual eCommerce websites, so we can see instantly when a customer completes their purchase – and proceed with the important business of getting the parcel to the customer ASAP.


The Warehouse Manager prints the orders and passes them on to the Warehouse Operative, starting at the beginning of their shift. We call this a pick note. They can see exactly what they need to pick and pack, and where to find it in our carefully organised warehouse bays.


Technology drives our business. Each pick note features a bar code specific to each product type and warehouse staff are given handheld scanners. Using these, they’ll locate, scan and pick the correct barcoded item. This helps us track orders and stock levels with accuracy and precision.

Products vary enormously in type, shape and size because we work with such a diverse range of businesses; fashion, food and drink,automotive, health, beauty, wellbeing and pet care to name but a few. Some goods will require the assistance of a forklift driver if they’re heavy or stored at height.


Quality and accuracy are central to what we do, so every parcel is double-checked against strict criteria once packed.

Depending on the brand and item, packaging might be luxurious, eco-friendly, or innovative. Sometimes we include handwritten notes if the customers asks us to, as well as samples, flyers, and free gifts.

We love to create that “wow” factor so that our work might get featured on the Instagram feed of a social media influencer - but for some price conscious brands, a simple jiffy bag does the job just fine.


After it’s all packed up with the correct address label, the parcel will be collected by one of our trusted network of worldwide couriers e.g. UPS, DPD, DHL.

Our WMS also automatically updates with the order dispatch details, so both the recipient and our client can track the order.


Our last courier collection is at 17.00, therefore everything must be packed by this time, our team spend the rest of their time with tidying up the warehouse. Stock rotation might be a part of this, helping to keep products fresh, we also handle returns.

Impeccable organisation is critical to a successful fulfilment service like ours. That’s why household names such as Mars Wrigley and BMW have been working with us for decades, and why many cool up-and- coming brands choose us as their fulfilment partner.

Client visits…

Often, clients will visit the warehouse to meet our team and see how their products are being stored and packaged. The Warehouse Operative is able to build a relationship with the client, which is part of the more personal service we offer - and what makes us different to some of our competitors.

These site visits are particularly important for those businesses that are new to the world of eCommerce, to help them understand the fulfilment process. It gives us a great sense of pride to see our warehouse team show off their skills and shine.

A day in the life of a warehouse worker | Careers in Fulfilment

Warehouse wellbeing is paramount at Fullers

Whilst the popularity of online shopping and the customer expectation for next day delivery can make warehouse work fast paced, we wholeheartedly believe that our staff need to be happy, healthy and supported to do the job well.

Careful attention is paid to working conditions (including COVID safety), shift patterns and break times at both our Slough and Bordon sites. A canteen and outdoor break area are available.

Managers are not just approachable and friendly; they seek the potential in warehouse staff to progress their careers into leadership roles (e.g. Supervisor) or different areas of the business (e.g. office-based roles), if they want to.

We champion gender equality and full and ongoing training is given so that all our warehouse workers can grow their skills and experience in exciting directions.

eCommerce can only thrive if the people at the heart of it are thriving, too.

Are you looking for an end-to-end fulfilment service near London, run by highly skilled and fairly treated warehouse workers who always go the extra mile? Or perhaps you’re a team player with excellent attention to detail who’s looking for a job in a warehouse. Contact us today.

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