Rise in online shopping highlights the importance of reliable couriers

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Rise in online shopping highlights the importance of reliable couriers

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As the UK experiences another lockdown and non-essential stores have closed their doors once again, eCommerce retailers are gearing up for an influx of online shoppers this festive season.

The VoucherCodes.co.uk Shopping for Christmas 2020 report, carried out by the Centre for Retail Research (CRR), suggests that the closure of non-essential stores until at least 2 December will result in an 11.6% drop in Christmas spending compared to the same six week period last year…however Anita Naik, lifestyle editor at VoucherCodes.co.uk, says:

“With physical stores closing and people staying at home for at least four weeks, the rapid shift to online shopping is to be expected.”

Online sales in 2020 increased by over £12 billion

Online sales are now forecast to make up nearly half (48%) of the total retail sales, increasing by a mind-blowing £12.978bn (58%) versus 2019.

Fullers has expanded our warehouse space this year, to accommodate the fulfilment requirements of a booming UK eCommerce market.

On average, Brits are forecasted to spend £1,049.01 per head this Christmas, with those in London expected to shell out the most (£1,537.89 per head), followed by those in the South East (£1,273.85), East of England (£1,163.25), and the South West (£1,095.28).

Is your retail business ready for this winter?

Resourceful business owners have spent much of this year adapting their retail businesses to encourage online shoppers.

Finding the right eCommerce platform, experimenting with ways to drive traffic to your online store, and achieving a first-rate customer experience by outsourcing your fulfilment may well have been some of the defining moments of your business journey in 2020.

As peak season hits and people continue buying gifts for loved ones online, it’s important to give just as much care and attention to the final stage of the customer journey – transit and delivery.

A reliable courier is make or break for your eCommerce business

Small businesses, particularly those new to the eCommerce trade, can sometimes mistakenly choose less established couriers because they believe it to be more economical. However, not all couriers are experienced, so not all take the necessary care with parcels.

Smashed or squashed in transit, leakage, left out in the rain, wind or snow, delivered to the wrong address, or put at risk of theft – these are just some unfortunate outcomes of choosing a courier with less expertise.

Not only will this cost you the value of the product and a refunded sale, in today’s online review-driven market it could cost you your reputation and future business.

Courier cost savings without compromised service

When you choose Fullers for fulfilment, we’ll have made sure that your product is stored, picked and packaged with practicality at the top of the list. Yes, we’ll often work with you to add in a little bit of style and ‘wow’ factor to your packaging too but, first and foremost, your product is made safe for its journey.

Because, the way we see it, our role in that journey doesn’t end when we hand that parcel over to the courier. We want to go to sleep at night knowing that it’s going to reach your customer in impeccable shape. That’s why we only work with a trusted network of reliable UK couriers, including Royal Mail, dpd, Hermes, FedEx, DHL, and Amazon Logistics.

Our strong relationships with leading UK couriers and economy of scale enables you to partner with your preferred leading courier whilst still enjoying the best delivery rates to your destinations. So, you could actually be saving money as well as preserving your peace of mind.

Courier costs are always included in the overall quote you’ll get from Fullers and full order tracking is incorporated within our warehouse management system. We’ll take care of all the courier management, so that you only have to wait for the positive reviews and repeat business that will help keep you smiling this winter.

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