Quality pet care fulfilment gets tails wagging and whiskers twitching

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Quality pet care fulfilment gets tails wagging and whiskers twitching

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The UK pet care industry has grown to lolloping Great Dane proportions over the past year. More time spent at home, a remedy for lockdown loneliness, and greater recognition of the positive impact of pets on our wellbeing are just some of the reasons more people are acquiring animal companions.

Millions seek pets as lifestyles change

Millennials appear to be particularly keen to get pets. According to research from Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association, over one third of adults aged 24-35 are now pet owners. 2.1m people collected a new pet in lockdown and 1.8m are planning to add a pet to their household.

People in London are the most likely to have added a pet to their family, with almost one in five (18%) having picked up a pet recently. Over 20,000 people contacted Wood Green, The Animals Charity and home of Channel 4’s The Dog House about getting a new pet between April and June 2020.

The pet care market has gone wild

All those new pets need products, so pet care is becoming a lucrative business. Statista estimates that the basic lifetime cost of caring for a bunny rabbit is £12,000, rising to £20,500 for a cat and £27,000 for a pet pooch.

Fullers Logistics has been delivering top quality fulfilment for pet care brands for many years, so we’ve seen this industry go from strength to strength. Our clients include household names such as Mars Petcare, whose associates include Pedigree, Whiskas and Royal Canin, and we also provide fulfilment for James Wellbeloved and a range of up and coming pet care companies.

More animal friends breed new pet care trends

Forward-thinking brands are busy launching products that appeal to the digital habits of all those millennials looking for new ways to feed, pamper and entertain their furry, scaly, gilled and feathered friends.

Anyone out there with a Cornetto-chasing Collie, or a Doberman drooling over their double scoop, will be glad to hear about our newest pet care partner, Frozzys. Yes, frozen yogurt for dogs is now a thing and we’ll be fulfilling online orders from dog owners across the UK who are looking for a novel yet nutritious way to treat their best buddy this summer.

Subscription boxes for pets

Pets boost our happiness and wellbeing so we certainly want to reciprocate. The Grocer recently reported that, “Younger owners are also more interested in their pets’ emotional needs and basic needs. Over half of dog and cat owners in a recent study showed an interest in food with ‘calming’ ingredients, including chamomile and CBD.”

Well, you can’t beat the feelgood factor of a healthy subscription box! We’re storing, picking and packing subscription boxes for Denzels. Featured in The Times and Vogue, they produce a selection of superfood and paleo treats for dogs. Now that’s one unboxing we reckon happens pretty soon after the parcel lands on the door mat!

Plant-based pet food

Sustainable ethics are becoming more important to pet owners, especially those under 35. We store, pick, pack and dispatch a wide variety of products for brands of all shapes and sizes, including some pioneering pet care eCommerce companies that are engaging with the millennial demand for more ‘conscious’ products.

Veganism is one sustainable lifestyle choice that increasing numbers of people are making, particularly younger generations. The Vegan Society reports that the number of vegans in Great Britain has quadrupled over the last 5 years or so.

A study from Vegankind showed that 40% of dog food buyers aged 16 to 24 prefer to give plant-based meals to their pets regularly, too.

Here at Fullers Logistics, we care about the environment and we love animals, so we are delighted to be the fulfilment provider for Veggie Pets, part of Vegeco. Their products include gluten-free, organic and vegan cat and dog treats, food, chews and litter.

Recyclable pet care

Cats are notoriously choosy and when it comes to their cat litter, so are their owners. Did you know that an estimated 2 million tonnes of car litter are thrown away in the UK every year? If it’s not biodegradable, that creates some pretty stinky bad karma with Mother Earth.

Most animal owners are also nature lovers who want to be kind to the planet, so brands like our client Natusan are offering sustainable pet care solutions.

Natusan cat litter is not only made from recycled wood, they turn used cat litter into fertiliser and work with their partners to plant trees. Customers can reduce their litter waste by up to 65% when they switch to Natusan, a fresh idea that’s proving very popular.

5 reasons to choose Fullers Logistics for your pet care fulfilment

Timely and high quality fulfilment is a pivotal factor in every pet care customer’s ecommerce journey. Getting it right means pets are well cared for and owners stay loyal. Getting it wrong means your customers will stray to competitors.

Fullers has plenty of experience with a wide range of pet care brands, who enjoy the following benefits of our service:

  • Specialist storage facilities and equipment, managed by an expert team who will pick and pack items on a ‘first in, first out’ basis, monitoring expiry dates and minimising waste
  • Same day pick, pack and dispatch, so your customer will receive goods the next day
  • Links with the UK’s leading and most trusted couriers, such as Royal Mail, DPD, Hermes, and TNT, achieving the best delivery rates to your destinations
  • Streamlined stock management and better business insights via our Warehouse Management System, which integrates with all major eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento
  • A wide range of bespoke packaging options, including practical solutions for fragile and liquid products, eco-friendly options, and pet personalisation to create a connection with your customers

Does your pet care brand need fulfilment that’s best in show? Talk to Fullers Logistics and create a customer experience that’s the cat’s meow. Contact us today by filling out our contact form.

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