Raising the bar - Exploring the intricacies of drink logistics

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Raising the bar - Exploring the intricacies of drink logistics

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How specialist drinks fulfilment can achieve success for your alcohol brand

In 2021, we shared a blog that uncovered the drink logistics habits resulting from the COVID lockdown. With consumers spending more time at home, beverage fulfilment companies faced an increase in demand for innovative and efficient services. But three years on, how has the trend evolved?

The bulk of socialising remains at home

In 2023, the ISWR reported that online alcohol sales dropped by 5%. However, it isn’t post-pandemic readjustments that appear to be the driving force behind this change. Instead, the ongoing cost-of-living crisis has meant that consumers are reining in on spending.

Despite this dip, the value of alcohol ecommerce is still forecast to increase by $7.5 billion as online growth continues to outstrip traditional sales. No longer a result of COVID, this stems from more adults choosing to socialise with friends in the comfort of their own homes, rather than at a pub or restaurant.

The virtual bar has evolved into a home bar

After the removal of pandemic restrictions, the virtual bar evolved into a home bar. With the cost-of-living putting financial strain on consumers, there has been a growing appreciation for the ability to socialise without leaving home. In fact, a report from Barclaycard revealed that 55% of us are spending less at pubs, clubs and bars for this reason alone.

Aside from a financial incentive, home bars create opportunities for a curated drinking experience that traditional bars may struggle to match.

Alcohol subscription boxes also make the home bar possible. At Fullers, we manage several subscription box clients. Our agile processes and streamlined systems ensure that consumers receive a hand-selected and convenient selection of premium beverages for the home.

A thirst for healthier, alcohol-free options

In a surprising twist, the alcohol-free movement has gained significant traction. The market for non-alcoholic beverages surpassed $11 billion in 2022 as health-conscious consumers sought alternatives that aligned with their wellness goals.

The reasons for going alcohol-free are as diverse as the options available, with some choosing sobriety for health, others for taste and many for the sheer joy of exploring new flavours without the aftereffects of traditional spirits.

With influencers sharing their positive experiences of an alcohol-free lifestyle online, the impact of social media has also played a role in propelling this movement. Consequently, the hashtag ‘#sober’ boasts an impressive 4.4 billion views on TikTok alone.

Take the pressure off with outsourced drinks fulfilment

Alcohol ecommerce is a huge market to tap into, but your brand is only as successful as your beverage supply chain partner.

At Fullers Fulfilment, we seamlessly automate the pick, pack and dispatch process on the day that orders are received. Our sophisticated Warehouse Management System (WMS) can integrate with various ecommerce platforms, providing real-time insights into order progress and stock levels across multiple channels. Our email reports will help you determine which products are most popular, so that you can apply relevant discounts and promotions to those that aren’t.

handle with care

Premium beverages handled with care

Worried about the delicate handling of your premium beverages? Despite the cost-of-living crunch, CGA found that 42% of consumers remain willing to spend more on a better quality drink. However, with spending remaining tight, they expect full value for the extra money.

Our commitment extends beyond secure packing to ensure that your fragile items are handled delicately. For our partners, French Bloom - a luxury, non-alcoholic wine brand, we provide meticulous care to guarantee that every bottle is stored in the right conditions and delivered with vigilance.

Working alongside an extensive network of suppliers and specialist couriers, we also provide multiple options for innovative, lightweight and eco-friendly custom drink packaging options. Together with your brand, we can produce and test solutions that will add an extra layer of luxury to the customer experience.

A toast to drinks delivery fulfilment - you can rely on

As alcohol ecommerce continues to grow, Fullers Fulfilment is your multi-channel fulfilment partner of choice. Unlike other beverage fulfilment companies, we’re focused on more than getting your product from A to B. Instead, our unwavering commitment to impeccable standards, collaborative partnerships, sustainable services and friendly customer support sets us apart.

Outsource your drink logistics to Fullers and join us in raising a glass to satisfied customers and a successful business. To learn more about our beverage fulfilment services, contact us today.

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