Rising stars at Fullers Fulfilment: Zaneta Guza, Customer Service Advisor

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Rising stars at Fullers Fulfilment: Zaneta Guza, Customer Service Advisor

Fullers Fulfilment

The power of exceptional service in fulfilment

Here at Fullers Fulfilment, we believe in the power of customer service. It is one of the pillars that our business is built on, which is one of the reasons we have a team dedicated to ensuring we exceed customer expectations.

Our customer service advisors are clear communicators, problem solvers and deliver exceptional support with grace and professionalism.

Meet one of our rising stars, Zaneta Guza - Customer Service Advisor, who works at our multi-channel fulfilment centre in Slough, Berkshire.

With a background in retail and returns processing, Zaneta joined the Fullers Fulfilment team in April 2022. Since joining, Zaneta’s role has diversified and she is now kept busy on two fronts, helping customers and the warehouse team at both Slough and remotely supporting our facility in Leamington Spa.

Multi-talented, multi-tasker

Taking it all in her stride is one of the characteristics that makes Zaneta popular with staff and customers alike.

Zaneta deals mainly with business-to-business (B2B) orders for customers across the health & beauty, consumer lifestyle goods and homeware sectors. This includes companies such as plant-based hair wellness brand Fable & Mane, global haircare company Toni & Guy, as well as Lumene, a leading Scandinavian beauty pioneer.

Communication is key

“For me, it’s all about communication – whether that is via email, phone, or in the case of Slough, running around the warehouse, to make sure we’re all on the same page and everything is going according to plan. Dealing with the team at Slough is naturally a little different because I’m on-site, but working with the Leamington Spa team remotely is just as effective,” Zaneta says.

The same is true for talking to customers and dealing with any problems or queries that arise. Zaneta takes this part of her job very seriously – thriving on delivering excellent customer service and priding herself on reducing any potential issues by keeping the lines of communication open at all times and proactively monitoring the fulfilment process.


“When there is a customer query, I work on it immediately to resolve as quickly and effectively as possible. Again, communication is vital so I use the phone, email and face to face to get tasks done and make sure I’m keeping the customer updated until the issue is completed .”

Is there any such thing as a typical day?

Fulfilment is a dynamic and energetic field to work in, especially ecommerce and multi-channel fulfilment. Fullers Fulfilment works with a host of ecommerce brands, fulfilling orders quickly, accurately and efficiently, something made that much easier with an experienced team.

Zaneta manages her customers’ B2B orders, co-ordinates with the warehouse team to ensure the storage, picking, packing and despatch element of the service is of the highest quality standards our customers expect.

The orders are mainly placed and delivered to shops around the country and Zaneta uses her skills to go the extra mile for customers, liaise with couriers and follow up on parcel delivery.

“Once the customer has completed our onboarding process and their stock is in our warehouse, I’m responsible for the entire fulfilment process. This means I make sure the process is smooth and efficient from the moment the order registers on our system, all the way through picking, packing and delivery, until the moment it reaches the hands of the end-customer.”

Supportive culture and great team

Here at Fullers Fulfilment, we value our employees because they’re the foundation on which our business is built. One of our company values, empowering, is dedicated to creating a culture that encourages our team to do their best, be their best and thrive within their role.

“One of the most enjoyable elements of my job is problem solving. When I started working at Fullers it was a bit daunting, just like it is with any new job. New people, new processes, new tasks. But those nerves disappeared very quickly because I enjoy working here. I love helping our clients and solving problems. There is never a dull day.

“Overall, I really like the environment and the culture at Fullers, which is important in an industry as big as this one. It’s supportive and stimulating, and I get to work with such a great team and great customers, that makes all the difference,” Zaneta says.

Zaneta is part of an exceptional customer service team, including Monika Kocur also in our Slough office and Danielle Hill based in Bordon, Hampshire.

We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic talent with drive and a can-do attitude, so if you’re thinking of starting or furthering your career in fulfilment, visit our Join Us page or contact us today.

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