Fullers supports female fashion entrepreneurship in Bangladesh

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Fullers supports female fashion entrepreneurship in Bangladesh

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Fullers supports female fashion entrepreneurship in Bangladesh, feeds baby koalas and helps solar light up lives

Fullers Fulfilment is using our business success to create positive change across the world. The B1G1 (Business for Good) initiative allows us to give to a variety of vetted, high-impact projects that support people, communities and the planet.

These projects are aligned with 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by The United Nations. They focus on climate action, ending poverty, reducing inequalities, responsible consumption and production, affordable and clean energy and quality education – and many other causes that matter to all of us as global citizens.

Inspiring stories of giving that resonate

Each month, we donate to different projects – often chosen because they also have a connection with the ecommerce fulfilment sectors we serve, including fashion, pet care, food, health, and lifestyle.

We’ll be sharing our giving stories here on the website on a regular basis, keeping you updated on the impact of our partnership with B1G1. Here are some of the projects we’ve been supporting lately…

Sewing machines for women in Bangladesh

One of the UN Sustainable Development Goals is to promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

As part of a B1G1 community development program in Bangladesh which centres around primary school education for children from the slums, we help supply sewing machines for women (many of whom are the mothers of the school children) so that they can start a home business.

Previously unskilled women are able to sell their clothes on markets, boosting not only their income but their self-esteem.

Our client portfolio includes female-run fashion businesses such as Seventy + Mochi and Cara & The Sky. We see their success and believe that everybody should have access to the tools that enable them to learn, work and improve their lives.

Meals for orphaned koala joeys

Another UN sustainability goal set by world leaders looks to protect vital ecosystems and halt biodiversity loss.

Urbanisation has led to a staggering 80% reduction in the koala population of South-East Queensland, Australia. As housing estates and busy roads encroach into koala habitat, they're left vulnerable to accidents, attacks and disease – leaving many koala babies orphaned.

Fullers Fulfilment works with many pet care brands, such as Mars Petcare and James Wellbeloved. Every animal deserves to be fed, nurtured and cared for. Koala numbers are at an all-time low. By donating to The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, we help supply the regular milk formula feeds that orphaned joeys need to survive.

Solar power brings families light

Electricity is an essential human resource. Yet, in developing nations, many families living in remote locations, tribal communities, rural mountain or forest areas do not have the option to get an electricity connection. Others don’t have the monetary resources for it.

The installation of a solar power lighting system helps these communities by making vital daily tasks possible. It also enables the children to do their homework. We’re delighted we’ve been able to contribute to the provision of solar lamps to improve the lives of families in places like India.

Renewable energy will power ALL of our futures. We handle the fulfilment for solar power experts such as Alternergy and Solarwatt and wholeheartedly support the UN’s objective to provide affordable, clean and sustainable energy to all.

Proud to be part of a global movement that uses business as a force for good

Embedding giving into what we do every day creates a sense of purpose for our staff and our customers. As part of a global community of like-minded businesses, we are doing our bit to change the world for the better.

Find out which other B1G1 projects we’ve been supporting and get the latest figures on the impacts achieved here.

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