Retail Marketing choose Fullers Logistics as their fulfilment partner


At Retail Marketing, they’re passionate about data and they believe the journey starts with insights, helping brands to better understand their customers, retailers and the marketplace. Fullers Logistics provide a flexible warehousing, logistics and fulfilment service to Retail Marketing; an award-winning Field Sales and Marketing agency specialising in Consumer Electronics.


Retail is a fast-paced industry which must constantly evolve to meet consumer’s changing expectations. Disruptors such as the steady rise of eCommerce, the age of Amazon, the influx of more consumer data, and the increased speed of doing business means retail brands must constantly adapt or lose to more nimble players. Retail Marketing supports their customers with these changing expectations using relevant data and in-house expertise and need an experienced multi-channel fulfilment partner they can depend on to meet the high demands that their customers rely on.

Retail Marketing were looking for a fulfilment partner that understood their challenges, which included coping with the demand of peak periods (between Sept and Jan), maintaining operational efficiency and anticipating consumer needs to keep satisfaction levels high.

“We were struggling to find a fulfilment partner that could meet the right level of customer service and the pace of our business. After going to tender with five different third-party logistics companies, we short-listed Fullers Logistics and engaged with them to run a trial” explains Amanda Rose, Operations Manager at Retail Marketing.


Fullers recommended using one of its multi-user warehouse sites in Bordon and configured the space to meet Retail Marketing’s needs. Products are delivered to Fullers where they are stored on different pallets for each of Retail Marketing’s clients. It is vital that the products are stored in this way, as each client has unique requirements for holding and moving stock which can vary from shipping out items for a roadshow, delivering goody bags or shipping branded merchandise.

Rose comments, “Fullers manage a diverse range of products for us which vary in size, quantity and value. For some clients, such as Intel, we are responsible for some large pieces of expensive kit. The transparent relationship we have with Fullers reassures us that all our inventory is taken care of and kept securely until it is required.”


Inventory and staff management, along with picking & packing techniques and shipping, significantly impact the customer experience. Fullers use a warehouse management system to track the order fulfilment process and assess if there are any areas for improvement. This is particularly important for Retail Marketing at peak times including Black Friday and Christmas when they have to be agile to the needs of their clientele.

“Fullers have spent time drilling into the warehouse processes to ensure order fulfilment runs smoothly”, comments Tony Dempsey, Managing Director at Fullers Logistics. “The warehouse is now an integral element of the retail customer experience — especially for eCommerce businesses and a constant process of review and improvement is vital to ensure that organisations evolve with those changing expectations. We work closely with Retail Marketing to understand the objectives and expectations their clients have so that we can ensure that these are not only met but exceeded.”

Fullers are people-centric and the dedicated team are a pleasure to work with. They have truly become an extension of our organisation and the work that we do to supporting our customers. We have a similar culture and they are experts in the retail industry which gives us peace of mind that they understand our business.

Amanda Rose, Operations Manager at Retail Marketing |

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