Scaling up the Pick and Pack Process

16 Jul

We understand that running a business which involves distributing goods can sometimes seem extremely difficult and time-consuming. It maybe you have such a vast amount of stock that it is starting to become difficult to keep track of.

Or maybe you are squandering money by constantly employing new staff solely to pick and pack your goods. This needn’t be the case.

Pick and pack is an integral and costly component of the order fulfilment process that is commonly used in the retail distribution of goods to consumers. It is labour intensive, time consuming and prone to errors and inefficiencies as many customer orders need to be processed under time and resource constraints. The typical steps involve receiving one or more customer orders at the warehouse, collecting the items required to fill the orders from storage racks located across warehouse into a pick cart, and returning the full pick cart to the packing station where items for each filled order are boxed and scheduled for shipment.

The biggest bottleneck of the process involves traversing the storage racks to pick items for packing. Ideally, you would like to minimise the total travel distance required for picking orders while at the same time ensuring the right items are picked without overfilling the pick cart.

You may already be looking for a warehouse that can store your goods, but did you know that 3PL’s also offer Pick and pack solutions for merchandise of all sizes and can help to optimise the process for you?

Multi-channel fulfilment warehouses already have staff available to pick and pack your goods, eliminating the need for you to constantly source new employees.

As part of the complete supply chain management procedure, pick and pack services can help keep everything running smoothly, but there is absolutely no shame in outsourcing this part of your business. Indeed, it will help you to focus on other, more immediate aspects of your industry and provide you with the reassurance that your requirements are being carried out fast and effectively.

3PL’s such as Fullers that offer this service will disassemble the goods that you already have in storage and pick the relevant product for each destination. Once this is done, they will then re-package the product, fasten it with a shipping label and, if you are after complete order fulfilment, they can then deliver the product to your customer. Most warehouses do not require any long-term commitments from you either and will simply provide you with pick and pack services as and when you require them.

If you would like to expedite your pick and pack process in an orderly fashion, manage your orders efficiently, increase your productivity of your warehouse operation and scale up to seasonal demands at any time without significant increase in operation costs then please get in touch.

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