Simply Ingredients Sifts Through Competition to Choose Fullers

07 Jun

Fullers Logistics provide multi-channel fulfilment and warehouse services to Simply Ingredients; an established wholesale supplier specialising in oriental flour and ingredients for food retailers and bakeries.

As a family run business, Simply Ingredients has gone from strength to strength sourcing top quality ingredients in the market. Their flours are milled by well-established providers who combine technology with craft and artisanry passed on from one generation to another.

“After being let down by our previous logistics supplier, we had an urgent need to find a trusted partner that we could work with to store a broad selection of flours, bakery ingredients and more unique commodities that are sourced from across Europe, explains Andrew Papadimitriou, Director at Simply Ingredients. “After researching the current marketplace, it soon became clear that Fullers were the best fit for our specific requirements with many fantastic resources to benefit our business along with the technical backup required to give us complete peace of mind.”

Fullers provide Simply Ingredients with a multi-channel fulfilment solution which includes product storage, order processing, pick & pack and despatch. “All aspects of their operation are carried out with the care and attention to detail that they deserve,” comments Tony Dempsey, Divisional Managing Director at Fullers Logistics. “As we already work with a number of household names in the food production industry, we were in a unique position to offer Simply Ingredients a scalable solution and maintain regular communication to ensure that SLAs and KPIs are being exceeded.”

One of the reasons Simply Ingredients reached out to Fullers as a new supplier was due to damages of packaging. “We were experiencing high levels of damage in transit with our previous supplier,” explains Andrew Papadimitriou. “So far we haven’t had a single damaged bag which is saving us time and money.”

An integrated warehouse management system provides Simply Ingredients with complete visibility of stock volumes to ensure seamless production and onward distribution of their flour and bakery ingredients. This helps to integrate the supply chain process and speed up the time from putting an order into the system and getting it out for delivery.

Andrew Papadimitriou concludes, “Fullers provides excellent levels of efficiency of service that offers our business great value through their productivity and transparency. Our business has always had a firm passion for quality, value for money and excellent customer service. We make every effort to maintain these high standards as we grow our family business and with the partnership with Fullers they are helping us to achieve these goals.”

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