The Impact of eCommerce

13 Apr
impact of ecommerce

Is the eCommerce online shopping boom causing you some fulfilment challenges?

Today’s connected world has created catalysts of change from consumer shopping habits all the way to the last mile. Omnichannel retailing, combined with Amazon’s domination of the eCommerce world impacts shippers’ decision-making, driving change throughout the supply chain.

When we look at changes in Geographic’s, what used to make logistical hubs prime locations is being increasingly affected by the surge in online shopping. Again, consumers want their goods shipped in 1 to 2 days because that’s what they have come to expect from eCommerce sites. This makes it more important for warehouse facilities to be in closer proximity to large cities.

By the year 2021, a 40% increase in eCommerce has been projected by companies in-the-know. Warehousing companies should, in the coming years, be prepared to adapt shopping patterns and new expectations to tackle the latest changes of a continually rising eCommerce. Being able to rely on a dependable 3PL company that understands the challenges of warehousing and how it is changing, thanks to eCommerce, is a major building block of a good business.

Find the Perfect 3PL for Your Fulfilment Network

Outsourcing eCommerce warehousing to a 3PL has many benefits for our new eCommerce world. Not only are Fullers experts on all the necessary operational tasks –– hiring warehouse workers, maintaining equipment, paying rent, keeping track of pallets, etc. –– but in many cases, we can complete these tasks quicker, cheaper and more efficiently than you could in your own warehouse.

  • 3PLS have an 11% average logistics cost reduction
  • 3PLS have an 6% average inventory cost reduction
  • 3PLS have an 23% average fixed logistics cost reduction*

How can Fullers manage to reduce costs like the ones above? We can address storage, transport and handling needs on behalf of client companies. We use sophisticated software to develop a warehousing management and distribution plan that will best suit the needs of each company whose products we store.

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*Source - State of Logistics Outsourcing study

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