Three ecommerce trends to watch in 2023

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Three ecommerce trends to watch in 2023

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The Bank of England has reported record-breaking rates of inflation in 2023 and expects it to remain high until at least summer 2023.

A subsequent cost of living crisis will be ringing alarm bells for all in the ecommerce retail sector, as SME business owners wonder how sharply consumer spending on their websites will fall. They may also have to consider a rise in the cost of import/ export, supplies and the general running costs of their ecommerce operation.

By celebrating achievement, we recognise the talent and hard work of our team members – and hopefully inspire others to create their own story of success in the fulfilment and logistics industry. It’s a growth sector with so much opportunity for those seeking an exciting career path.

If you own and/or run an ecommerce business, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of the latest ecommerce business trends and adapt your ecommerce strategy in ways that help you stay popular and competitive.

Fullers Fulfilment provides end to end, multichannel ecommerce fulfilment services for a variety of sectors from our warehouses in Hampshire, Berkshire and The Midlands. Here are three ecommerce trends that we think every forward-thinking ecommerce business owner should be aware of in 2023…

Inflation will make consumers research more and spend less

Purse strings are tightening across the UK. The eyewatering price of essentials such food and energy means people are less inclined to part with their cash. When they do, it won’t be without some serious pre-sales research.

Any ecommerce retailers feeling the pinch of reduced sales traffic might be thinking about cutting back on their marketing or fulfilment investment. In fact, these are the times that investment matters more than ever. Brands from all sectors must invest in demonstrating consumer value at every stage of the customer journey.

Outsourced fulfilment can help you by creating a positive ordering experience that encourages five-star reviews. Fullers’ fulfilment experts store, pick and pack every order promptly, and always with accuracy and care. We only work with a network of trusted worldwide couriers and next day delivery is available. You can be assured that your customer will receive the right goods, intact and on time (we can facilitate a user-friendly returns process, too!).

People will feel confident to shop with you again, recommend your brand and leave a glowing review for other visitors to your website and social media accounts.

Social and livestream shopping will grow in popularity

The way that some consumers buy digitally is evolving – with social shopping becoming a leading ecommerce trend. Techopedia defines social shopping as follows:

“Social shopping primarily combines ecommerce or online shopping with social media networking technologies to augment users' real-life shopping experiences. For example, a social shopping website might encourage users to buy in groups in order to take advantage of bulk discounts. Or a product recommendation website might track and display a friend's purchase.”

You should pay particular attention to this ecommerce trend if your brand and products are targeted at younger generations. Typically, they find authenticity and trust among their social networking circle, including the recommendations of peers and influencers. That’s how they make their purchasing decisions.

Livestream shopping experiences on platforms such as Amazon Live, TikTok Shop/Live, Instagram Live and Twitch are increasingly replacing the traditional customer journey of browsing, reading reviews and adding to cart. In Asia and Latin America, the trend is already major.

When it comes to fulfilment, on-brand packaging with memorable impact can help your products get the attention of people shopping socially. If you work with Fullers Fulfilment, our packaging experts can advise on and assist with personalisation, sustainable options, gift wrapping, complimentary samples, and promotional collateral for your ecommerce orders.

All these elements enhance the experience of the buyer and make it more likely that they will share content within their social networks, sending more shoppers your way in future.

Retailtainment: ecommerce and in-store shopping will complement each other in new ways

Being housebound during the pandemic cemented online shopping as the new norm. When a consumer wants to buy something, they’re now used to being able to buy it within a few clicks, 24/7, from anywhere.

However, it turns out that they’ve missed being able to immerse themselves in the tactile experience of shopping in person…

Welcome to the world of ‘retailtainment’! Bricks and mortar stores now serve as ‘showrooms’ in which to enjoy touching, feeling, smelling, hearing and seeing products in their physical form before ordering online later. They’ve also become spaces in which to build a strong relationship between brand and customer through social media share-worthy displays, demos and events.

When your SME retail experience exists exclusively online, you might fear you can’t compete. Don’t worry. If you outsource your fulfilment to Fullers, we can help simulate elements of an in-person consultation with in-package personalisation, including carefully selected testers/samples and inspiring brand collateral that makes that all-important connection.

Looking for an innovative, dynamic and scalable fulfilment solution for your ecommerce brand in 2023? Fullers Fulfilment is an end-to-end fulfilment service with warehouses in Hampshire, Berkshire, and The Midlands. Talk to us about your ecommerce fulfilment requirements today and we can get you onboard in as little as 2 weeks.

Already working with Fullers? Speak to your account manager about how we can help your ecommerce business to stay ahead of the curve and optimise sales in 2023 with the power of high calibre fulfilment.

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