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Leverage Fullers’ knowledge and experience to develop a storage solution that meets your unique business needs. We have sourced, designed and operated dedicated and multi-user warehouses for household names and SMEs.

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Ambient solutions

Store your products in the right conditions

For one client we operate a dedicated ambient warehouse facility which is located close to the company’s primary manufacturing site. Built in 2000, the warehouse has 16m high bays serviced by six semi-automated cranes. Within the warehouse we can accommodate 11,000 pallets of food grade materials and packaging which are received from all over the world. Talk to us about how we can help you with ambient warehousing.

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Automotive handling

Parts handling warehouse

Fullers has found and created and is running a dedicated automotive parts handling warehouse for one of the world's leading car manufacturers. in this warehouse we store in excess of 15,000 product SKUs ranging from car body parts through to individual nuts and bolts.

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Multi-user solutions

Warehouse space for items big and small

Fullers operates several third party, multi-user warehouses across The South & Midlands. Each of our sites is fully racked to store UK standard and Euro pallets and bulk store areas are available for larger items. Whether you need space for 5 pallets or 5,000 we are proud to offer a personal level of service to each and every customer and will configure the space to meet your unique requirements.

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Innovation and adaptability

In our industry, things don’t stay still for long. We are passionate about driving business forward and proactively review all aspects of the operations we undertake on behalf of clients to identify areas where we can improve productivity, increase efficiency and uncover cost savings.

Fulfilment Capabilities
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Fulfilment Capabilities
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See what's happening in real time

Clients can interact with our warehouse management system (WMS) to obtain real-time visibility of their fulfilment operations and we can also tailor the system to link seamlessly with a client’s own management systems.

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How we can help you

From our warehouse, we can assist you with the following tasks:

  • QA sampling
  • QA product library
  • Online order fulfilment
  • Re-labelling
  • Receipt, handling and despatch of palletised products
  • Case pick
  • Rip and tip bulk powder processing
  • Break bulk/container de-stuff
  • Returns management

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