What does the UK snack market taste like right now – and why is quality snack fulfilment a key ingredient?

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What does the UK snack market taste like right now – and why is quality snack fulfilment a key ingredient?

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The UK snack market is anything but bitesize. Approximately 162,900 tons of crisps and over £475 million pounds worth of chocolate bars are sold in Britain per year!

More than two thirds of snack eaters snack at least once a day and there’s a strong consumer interest in trying new products, so the snack market is an ecommerce sector with a feast of growth potential.

This is tasty news for crisps, nuts, and pretzel brands that offer a snack subscription box, and every other business in the munch bunch.

As an experienced snack food fulfilment service in the UK, Fullers Fulfilment works with a wide range of ecommerce food and drink brands, so we want to share with you some of our key observations of the snack market right now…

Affordable treats are replacing nights out in a cost-of-living crisis

With such a healthy appetite for snacks, ecommerce retailers operating in the food and drink sector need not be overly concerned about the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on sales.

Richard Caines, a leading senior analyst in the Food & Drink sector and author of the UK Consumer Snacking Market Report 2022 explains further:

“With the rising cost of living, shoppers will be focusing more closely on what they are buying, potentially putting discretionary items like snacks under scrutiny. However, as seen during COVID-19 lockdowns snacks could actually benefit from more evenings in given their perceived affordability as treats.”

In other words, more Brits are potentially choosing nuts and Netflix over popcorn at the cinema, backed up by Mintel research showing that 62% of UK consumers agree that having snacks in the evening is an affordable treat. This is positive news for ecommerce snack retailers, who can get those treats to the customer’s door in just a few online clicks.

Savvy brands are tapping into the consumer appetite for innovation

Online shoppers are even more willing to spend on snacks that are high-quality, premium, artisanal and gourmet. Taste is the biggest driver of snack choice and unique flavour combinations with global inspiration have gained popularity among snack enthusiasts. Their originality elevates them above day-to-day fare.

One of our clients, Made for Drink, sells original ‘bar snacks’ online that are inspired by different drinking cultures around the world and pair beautifully with a cold beverage. We handle their bar snack fulfilment. Their tempting range includes chorizo thins, Irish grass-fed beef biltong and English truffle crisps, and has accolades from celebrity chef Michel Roux Jr. and MasterChef judge Grace Dent.

Snack brands like theirs look in a good position to weather cost-of-living crisis, as they meet the current consumer demand for tasty and unusual bites to impress friends with when they come round for a drink, or just as a treat that’s a bit cheaper than going out.

Hungry homeworkers are subscribing to snacks

Recent analysis by the Office for National Statistics shows that more than 8 in 10 workers who had to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic plan to continue working remotely or on a hybrid basis.

The increase in homeworking practices has had a significant impact on snack consumption. 86% of UK adults eat snacks at home during work and leisure time. For some, popping to the work canteen or nearby shops for a quick drink or a snack has been replaced by signing up to a snack subscription service.

Subscription boxes have perks for the consumer and the snack retailer. For the buyer, there is a much wider variety of options and they can flexibly tailor and ‘theme’ their snack subscription box to suit specific tastes, accommodate allergies, or follow a particular diet. Sweet or savoury? Calorie controlled or indulgent? World foods? All available without having to leave their house.

Ecommerce retailers will see many advantages when offering snack subscription boxes, too. They secure retained business, ensure a steady revenue stream, help scale production/supply and present opportunities to survey, link-sell and sample.

That regular touchpoint builds a stronger relationship between the customer and the snack brand, as their tasty delivery becomes a highlight of the customer’s working day.

Fullers Fulfilment can handle all your subscription service fulfilment and logistics needs, including warehousing, picking, bespoke packaging, personalisation, cost-effective courier services, and returns if required.

Healthy and sustainable snacks are becoming even more popular

A stronger consumer interest in healthy eating comes with an increasing demand for healthier snack options. Consumers are looking for snacks that are low in sugar, salt, and artificial ingredients.

Snack manufacturers are constantly cooking up new snack creations that tick those health boxes. Veggie crisps, baked crisps, protein bars, and fruit-based snacks are just a few examples. Vitamin fortification features widely in snack bars as more snackers seek nutritional balance.

With national obesity problems making the headline news and an intensified government emphasis on health, Mintel reports increasing numbers of product launches for snacks under 100 calories.

Vegan and plant-based ranges continue to be a focus of new product development in the food sector too. Organic snack manufacturers have been introducing more plant-based and vegan options, including snacks made from ingredients like lentils, chickpeas, and seaweed.

Fullers Fulfilment works with vegan brands across a range of sectors, including food and drink. Our client Bites We Love is a vegan, plant-based snack retailer from The Netherlands for who we handle UK fulfilment. Their yummy snacks are made with peas, lentils, corn and nuts so they’re high in fibre and protein.

Peckish shoppers prefer less packaging

One of the reasons that vegan snacks are so popular is because a plant-based snacking is better for the environment. As you might expect, environmentally friendly packaging has become a significant concern for those brands and their customers.

Snack brands are adopting sustainable packaging solutions, including recyclable materials and reduced plastic usage, to cater to customer expectations.

At Fullers, we store, pick, pack and dispatch thousands of orders every year for ecommerce clients with strong sustainability values. We see it as our responsibility fulfil every order with consideration for the planet.

As such, we have a wealth of sustainable packaging options available, and our green champions can advise which one is best for your products. If you want personalised packaging for snack deliveries, we can do that too.

Fullers Fulfilment is certified to ISO 14001, the world's most recognised environmental management system, as well as EcoVadis, an internationally renowned and trusted business sustainability rating. We also donate to causes that support The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

High quality food fulfilment is essential to the success of every snack brand

In a strictly regulated and competitive sector, snack brands can’t risk inferior quality, expired or damaged orders – this will lose them business.

With over fifty years’ experience in fulfilment under our belt, we know how crucial it is that food and drink items are stored in the right conditions, carefully batched and rotated, handled hygienically and packaged protectively.

By outsourcing the fulfilment of your snack products to Fullers, you can count on the highest standards being met, with the following benefits:

  • Storage for snack products in dedicated ambient warehousing situated in Hampshire, Berkshire and The Midlands
  • Every order picked and packed automatically by our diligent team of snack distribution and fulfilment experts
  • Same day pick and pack so your customer will receive their snacks the next day
  • Snack subscription box fulfilment
  • Links with the UK’s leading and most trusted couriers, getting you the best delivery rates to your destinations
  • Rigorous tracking and proactive order management thanks to Follow My Parcel
  • Robust stock management – we batch and rotate stock, monitoring snack expiry dates to maintain freshness
  • Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) integrates with all major ecommerce platforms supplying you with real-time stock management and business insights
  • A wide range of bespoke snack packaging options, including practical solutions for fragile and liquid products, eco-friendly options, luxury packaging and personalisation

Need help with ecommerce snack fulfilment? Don’t make a meal of it, outsource your fulfilment to Fullers Fulfilment and enjoy streamlined, end-to-end multi-channel snack fulfilment services with flexible contracts. Contact us about your snack fulfilment requirements today.

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