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Making returns work for retailers

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One of the best things for consumers about buying anything online, apart from the variety and ease of purchasing, is the returns process. Nearly anything bought online can be returned, from musical instruments to homeware and electronics. Retailers and their fulfilment partners work hard in the background to make sure that the returns process is as smooth as the actual buying journey.

In the last few years, streamlining returns and making them easier for customers has become a focus for many brands; pre-printed labels, free returns, a selection of convenient drop-off points, and quick refunds, leading to more satisfied customers.

This is particularly true for ecommerce retailers who choose to partner with us at Fullers Fulfilment.

Are your returns a challenge? They don’t need to be.

We understand that managing returns isn’t just about ensuring customers are refunded. It is part of the customer journey and retailers need to ensure the experience is consistent across all touchpoints because a bad experience when it comes to returns or exchanges can negatively impact customer trust and brand reputation. Refunds or exchanges should be smooth and simple, much like buying.

As a retailer, you need to get items back into stock quickly to make sure they can be resold and eliminate the risk of obsolescence. Ultimately, an effective returns management strategy begins with the fulfilment centres.

When you outsource your fulfilment to us, we take care of the returns process for you.


Why choose Fullers as your returns partner?

We take a tech-focused approach to fulfilment. Our customisable dashboards, reporting and insights as well as easy integrations with your ecommerce platform means that we can ensure faster order processing, avoidance of costly errors and streamlining of sales and returns.

Looking specifically at returns management, our UK warehouses, based in Bordon, Slough and Leamington Spa are specially equipped to handle your return and exchange policy, ensuring your customers are happy and you are not losing out on potential sales with stock being held up in the returns cycle. We work with a wide range of ecommerce retailers across sectors, including pet care, health and beauty, home and lifestyle, electronics and fashion.

How we’ll manage your returns:

  • We receive unwanted items from your customers into one of our UK warehouses.
  • Our warehouse management system (WMS) tracks the parcel and syncs with your ecommerce platform to provide a full view and alerts you once the return has been received.
  • Our team carefully checks the goods against a list of your criteria.
  • All data is entered into our WMS including what was returned and the reason.
  • The goods are processed according to your protocol, for example, quarantined, cleaned / dry cleaned, returned to stock. We can send the item/s back to you if required.
  • We can also arrange for disposal, recycling or donation if needed.

Five star returns equals 5* reviews

Customers expect the same experience - quick and seamless, when it comes to returns as they do from the purchasing process. If you consider that half of all 1-star reviews on Trustpilot describe bad post-sales experiences, the importance of partnering with the right fulfilment partner who can handle all stages from order to returns becomes clear.

Fullers is the ideal partner for your returns and overall fulfilment needs, from state-of-the-art warehouses in the South and the Midlands. Our expertise extends across diverse sectors, including lifestyle, health and beauty, food and beverage, pet care and fashion, complemented by our commitment to leveraging the latest technology, ensuring you can trust us for a seamless and efficient fulfilment experience.

If you would like to see exactly how we manage returns, get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help your business.

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